Bring On Graduation

I have a friend who yells at me every time I write something that mentions graduation. At the beginning of the year, it seemed so distant, like it was hard to believe it was happening when all of these lasts hadn't happened yet.

At the beginning of second semester, it was almost like graduation was looming. We all knew it was closer but didn't want to pay much attention to it. We all wanted to focus on living in the now.

As we've moved closer to the end of the semester we've had mixed reactions to graduation coming closer. Some have everything lined up with jobs or school and are ready to get out of undergrad life. Some simply don't want to leave the groups of people they have here. It's not entirely a reluctance to leave, it's just a fear that we won't find groups like this post-graduation.

Now we're at the end of the semester. Graduation is coming whether we like it or not. Most people know for sure what they're doing while some are a little more up in the air (you're okay either way). We're in the last phase: acceptance.

In a short time, we're going to walk in our caps and gowns and take hundreds of photos with our friends and families. We're going to leave our clubs and hope we've made some kind of impact on the people in them. We're going to turn in those last assignments and finally feel free (as long as we're not going to more school). Graduation is happening. The end is not near, it's here.

Of course, it's bittersweet to leave all the good times of college behind. Of course, the future is a little scary. But I know the people who I've made relationships with in college will stay with me long after.

Someone once told me that if college is the best four years of your life you're doing it wrong. I've loved my time here but I know there are still more good things to come.

So bring on graduation.

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