15 Things I Want To Bring Back

We all wish for specific things to be brought back. Whether we wish for simpler times, old sources of humor, trends that have faded out, or for an iconic musician to still be alive. This past week the hashtag #IWantToBringBack was trending, therefore I wish for these 15 things to be brought back.

1. Mandatory awkward pre-teen phase

Since when do twelve and thirteen year-old girls look eighteen? I am mandating everyone endures some type of embarrassing phase. Emo? Perfect. Thought your make-up looked good for too long? Awesome. Thought you were good at singing? Count yourself in. Wore silly bands and had feathers in your hair? Winning.

2. The Obamas

Ya'll were too good. Sadly many Americans followed the "you don't realize what you have until it's gone" train. Come back???

3. Our ozone layer

It's only essential to a promising future for our generation's children and so on. Global warming? Never....... The polar bears never liked the snow anyways.

4. Chronological Instagram feed

5. Old Disney

6. The Office

There is no other show with such uniquely hilarious characters. All senses of humor are presented.

7. Amy Winehouse

Amy... Your music in unlike any other artist's. Your pearly whites have to be one of the most beautiful sets of teeth. Your hair was so full, luscious, and iconic. Winged-eyeliner was brought back, I wish you could be too.

8. Lower cost for education

9. Dance Dance Revolution

I cannot dance, but DDR is my sh*t.

10. Avril Lavigne

If you've read this twitter thread, you get the joke.

11. Snapchat's "best friends" list

If you had a Snapchat when there was still a "best friends" list, and you say you were never bothered by seeing someone's list, you're lying.

12. Nap time

Bring it back. Forget bringing sexy back, I need my nap time.

13. Chivalry

14. Flappy bird

We all admit the game was intense, but the game was taken too far... Hence it had to be taken down. Honestly, if I had a dollar for every time I hit one of the green poles before my score was even three, I'd be rich.

15. Kermit memes

The roasts that arose from the shade thrown passively at someone with the side dish of, "But that's none of my business though...." were legendary.

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