New York Bridal Fashion Week FW19

New York Bridal Fashion Week FW19

I went to bed at 10:00 p.m. and woke up at 9:00 a.m—on a Thursday. I never get even close to this amount of sleep on the weekdays, so this was definitely an important event that I wanted to sleep for.


The reasoning? I woke up on Wednesday morning to take a train to New York City as a backstage dresser for Bridal Fashion week and spent the day relaxing and allowing myself to go to bed early before my first show on Thursday. I woke up on Thursday morning feeling amazing, although I would have appreciated even more sleep—because as a fashion major, I am always tired. I had to arrive at the first show, Phuong My, at 12:30 p.m., so I spent the morning getting ready, snacking, and making sure my outfit looked perfect before I left the hotel.

The show was a twenty-minute walk from my hotel and I arrived very early, so I decided to walk around the area until my friend arrived. Upon her arrival, we both entered the (very beautiful) mansion where the show would be and got settled in. The show was absolutely stunning, just like the venue, and I loved being a part of it.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye I was onto my next show—Mira Zwillinger. The looks in this show were absolutely stunning, and I was very inspired by how effortless their beautiful gowns appeared. This show let out at 6:00 p.m. so I grabbed some Panda Express (how classy) on my venture back to my hotel—where I would then immerse myself in my meal, then the shower, then almost immediately to bed for my show the next morning.

I woke up at 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning in preparation for the Ines Di Santo show, where I would be at 11:30 a.m. After the same morning routine from the day before, I FaceTimed my friends and family and was able to relax a bit as this venue was only a ten-minute walk from my hotel. With my excitement from the day of shows on Thursday, it seemed to take forever to fall asleep, so I could definitely feel it when I woke up in the morning. My solution navigated me to a bottle of water and a PowerBar—and the coffee that I very luckily found at the venue.

The Ines Di Santo show was breathtaking. The subtle mix of street style in their beautiful bridal collection absolutely amazed me. The breathtaking venue had me appalled and I couldn't find one look that I didn't love.

After the show, I walked back to my hotel to gather my belongings, sat down for some avocado toast at Bluestone Lane, and was suddenly on my way back to Syracuse. It was the perfect trip to the city, and although it was very quick, these few days were filled with such positive energy as a backstage dresser for these amazing designers.

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20 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings

Tattoos with meaning you can't deny.

It's tough to find perfect tattoos with meaning.

You probably want something permanent on your body to mean something deeply, but how do you choose a tattoo that will still be significant in 5, 10, 15, or 50 years? Over time, tattoos have lost much of their stigma and many people consider them a form of art, but it's still possible to get a tattoo you regret.

So here are 20 tattoos you can't go wrong with. Each tattoo has its own unique meaning, but don't blame me if you still have to deal with questions that everyone with a tattoo is tired of hearing!

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1. A semicolon indicates a pause in a sentence but does not end. Sometimes it seems like you may have stopped, but you choose to continue on.

2. "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

3. Top symbol: unclosed delta symbol which represents open to change. Bottom symbol: strategy.

4. "There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls."

5. Viking symbol meaning "create your own reality."

6. Greek symbol of Inguz: Where there's a will, there's a way.

7. Psalm 18:33 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights."

8. 'Ohm' tattoo that represents 4 different states of consciousness and a world of illusion: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya) and world of illusion (maya).

9. Alchemy: symbolizes copper, means love, balance, feminine beauty, and artistic creativity.

10. The Greek word “Meraki" means to do something with soul, passion, love, and creativity or to put yourself into whatever you do.

11. Malin (Skövde, Sweden) – you have to face setbacks to be able to go forward.

12. Symbol meaning "thief" from "The Hobbit." It was the rune Gandalf etched into Bilbo's door so the dwarves could find his house.

13. “Lux in tenebris" means “light in darkness."

14. Anchor Tattoo: symbolizing strength and stability, something (or someone) who holds you in place, and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things get.

15."Ad Maiora" is translated literally as “Towards greater things." It is a formula of greeting used to wish more success in life, career or love.

16. A glyph means “explore." It was meant as a reminder for me to never stop exploring.

17. "Aut inveniam viam aut faciam," meaning roughly, "Either I shall find a way, or I will make one."

18. Lotus Flower. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower's first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

19. The zen (or ensō) circle to me represents enlightenment, the universe and the strength we all have inside of us.

20. Two meanings. The moon affirms life. It looks as if it is constantly changing. Can remind us of the inconsistency of life. It also symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma.

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5 Bathing Suit Trends That You Need To Get On

Be the best you.


Now that we are home for summer break, here is a way to stay in style while you're sitting by the pool this summer!

1. Yellow

You can never go wrong with a classic yellow bathing suit, it is the perfect summer color to show off your tan and happy spirit!

2. Leopard

Not only is leopard super popular for clothes in 2019, but it is also making it's a way to bathing suits this summer, and I am so hearing about it!

3. Tankini

You heard it here first, tankinis are making a comeback this summer. I get major throwback vibes for when I was a preteen and only used to wrong tankinis in the summer. But I am here for their rightful return to fashion, as this style can make any body type feel comfortable and confident.

4. Metallic

Nothing will make you more confident than a glowing bathing suit to match your glowing skin! Gold, Silver, and Bronze bathing suits are really in style this summer, and it will make for a stunning Instagram pic to go on your feed.

5. Embroidered

Flower embroidered bathing suits are really in this season. They are perfect to be able to show off anyone's girly side, this style is bringing back major 50s vibes!

Don't be afraid to utilize these trends into any style. Fashion is never limited, always strive to make things your own.

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