A Breakup Letter, Addressed To My Sorority Executive Board Position

A Breakup Letter, Addressed To My Sorority Executive Board Position

We have attachment issues. Don't make us leave.

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Serving my chapter on the executive board has been one of the most rewarding experiences. As my term comes to a close, I have done a lot of reflecting on the past year. The ups, downs, cries, laughs, and stresses. It is all coming to an end. There is a part of me that is ecstatic to have a huge weight and responsibility lifted off of my shoulders, but another part is having attachment issues. I feel like I am breaking up with my boyfriend. Let me fill you in on what is like to be in a relationship with your executive board.

1. You care about your chapter with every piece of fiber in you, whether you admit it openly or not.

You are the one that goes the extra mile and loses sleep at night because of irrelevant issues. You don’t love your chapter; you are IN love with your chapter.

2. Our meetings have no time limit.

And most of the time, we waste hours discussing issues that could have been resolved by a decrease of stubbornness between opinions.

3. You know how Santa always knew how you behaved throughout the year? We know how you behaved at every date party, social, bar crawl, etc.

And even if we don’t know what you said, or how you acted, we still know you well enough to assume that you were the one who danced on elevated surfaces. Just because you were not called into our executive board meeting or asked to take your booze filled Snapchat story down, doesn’t mean we are not aware of everything that took place. We are basically Santa.

4. We never delete anything, and we document everything.

We will always have proof, evidence, hair strands and photography on hand. We are highly trained undercover detectives. We are ready for hire, Trump.

5. We had to learn to keep our friendships separate from business.

Setting boundaries saves a lot of tears and biases. More than likely, the sisters on your executive board have some of the biggest opinions in the chapter; and more than likely they fought their heart out for the most minuscule opinions, and the most obnoxious ideas. Set your friendships aside, or you might lose some.

6. We have the thickest skin.

You will never be more criticized, critiqued and constantly evaluated than you will be on the executive board. Sometimes what is best for the chapter is not what will make the chapter ecstatically happy. You have to remember that people are critiquing your position, not the person you are.

7. We have the best poker faces.

Trust me on this one. Learning to smile through the unnecessary comments, makeshift dramas, and strenuous chapter meetings, is quite the task. We are trained to mute emotions. We could meet Beyoncé and manage to keep our cool.

8. We have to remember that our chapter is a sisterhood first and a business second.

As much as we love making important decisions for the chapter, we love the sisterhood more.

9. Just like in a relationship, we make mistakes.

Just like your boyfriend forgot that it was Valentines Day or to buy you that Kendra Scott Elisa pendant in rose gold drusy necklace you had been hinting at for weeks; we forget things too, and we definitely make mistakes.

10. We are constantly reminded why we chose to apply for an executive position.

We are mostly reminded because we cherish the opportunity to lead the chapter and watch it grow, and other times we are reminded by the 100+ faces we see staring at us in chapter meetings every week.

11. We are held to a higher standard.

And we sometimes break that standard (hard to believe, right?). We do the absolute best we can, but we are not robots. Don't hate us for breaking some rules here and there, college is meant for rule breaking anyway, right?

12. We see your strengths and weaknesses, and that is what we love about you.

We will be your biggest supporter, number one fan, and "mom away from home". We want to see every single person thrive for more and push through their boundaries.

13. We are trained to talk to anyone.

We can strike up a conversation with a wall, adults, babies, animals, literally everyone and everything.

14. We know how to plan events, and we could plan your wedding.

Give us a budget, and it will be taken care of within 48 hours.

Well, it is time. It is time for me to let go of something that I have cherished with every piece of me for the past year and will cherish for years to come. It is time to pass on my knowledge to my succeeding officer and be her mentor. It is time for me to let someone else have sleepless nights and 3am phone calls. I know you will miss me when I am gone. It's not you, it's me. I promise to keep in touch, and I promise to never forget the moments we shared. You will always have a special place in my heart, executive board. But now we say our goodbyes.


Your ex-executive board officer who has attachment issues

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