Why it's important to take breaks from social media.

Including Social Media Blackouts In Your Self-Care Routine Is, Like, Very Beneficial For You

Kind of a weird concept but putting your devices down for a few hours is something that your body will thank you later for.

Something that I've worked so hard on is trying to incorporate these technology timeouts into my routine. I am the biggest pain in the butt about being on my phone, which is why I've been trying my best to put my phone down for a few hours here and there.

It can be extremely hard to come to the conclusion of "Okay, I'm on my phone way too much I need to take a break." Because honestly, what teen, perhaps young adult, thinks like that? Maybe a few of us do, but I needed someone else to look at me and say: "Put that thing down! You're annoying."

I just want to highlight a few of the benefits of taking an hour or two out of your day to take a complete break. Be outside, read a book, and the list goes on.

Reconnecting with things you loved before you were addicted to your phone.

This sounds strange, but think about it. We were kids once. We didn't have an online presence or phones. We weren't addicted to technology once. Woah, pretty wild, right? Take the time to be alone and doing things that you forgot you enjoyed. Mine is reading. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading until I ditched my phone. When I actually make time to read, I can read as many as three books in a week. And, that is freakin' crazy! It took a trip to Mexico and no cell service for me to realize that reading is one of my favorite things ever. That's pretty lame but, if you need a sign to whip out the book worm in you, here it is.

Social media breaks can improve your mental health.

The world we live in now is absolutely wild. It's honestly kind of scary. We all follow people who are doing crazy things with their life. Social media can be really hard to look at and think, "Wow, why isn't my life like that?" It's extremely hard to look at your own life and not compare it to those on Instagram, who are just doing whatever they want whenever they want, unlike the average college student who is stuck on campus 24/7. Putting your phone down and not being able to compare yourself to others for awhile is liberating. I know it sounds dumb, but I'm serious! Embracing yourself rather than making constant comparisons to others is the most important thing your mind needs because everyone does it.

Putting your phone down can deepen your relationships.

Any relationship you have can be improved when you aren't consumed by your phone and social media. I am one of those people that has the hardest time putting down their phone no matter what. Why? For me, I can't set my phone aside if there is someone in my life that I constantly want to talk to. Other than that, I can leave it no problem. But, even when you're spending time with your family, it's important to know when you need to put the phone down and focus on the people around you. Many young adults don't understand that, and I think it can be something that takes time to really master and realize.

It is super important to understand that everyone needs time away from your phone and social media, period. I hope these tips are super helpful and make you realize how wonderful these timeouts can be.

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