Food dates are my favorite kinds of dates, but that's probably because I'm a huge fan of food. But breakfast dates are by far the best, when it's early in the morning and you're both still sleepy and hungry, but want to spend time with each other; it is wonderful. I've noticed, however, that I rarely see young people out on breakfast dates and that the majority of people in the diners are older couples or families. It makes me wonder why breakfast dates aren't a thing and why more couples or first dates aren't going out to breakfast more often. Here are some reasons why I love breakfast dates and some pretty good reasons why it should be a more normal thing.

1. You can go in your pajamas/sweats.

You can literally roll out of bed and go to breakfast. Sure, you can actually get dressed, but the best part about going out to breakfast in the early morning is that you won't look weird going into the place in your pajamas or sweats. You don't need to dress up in something fancy or make sure your hair and makeup is spot on. Just imagine if you went on a dinner date in something like that...the looks you might get. So, why not go someplace where you can be comfy while eating good food.

2. Breakfast food is incredibly delicious.

Let's be honest, there is nothing better than breakfast foods. Pancakes, French toast, bacon, waffles, eggs and so much more. There is just so much to choose from and it is absolutely delicious. Plus, most diners will allow you to substitute a lot of things for whatever you might be craving that morning.

3. It's so much cheaper.

Imagine going out to dinner and ordering the "normal" dinner things, like an appetizer, entrée and maybe a dessert. Depending on where you might go, your bill for two can vary anywhere from $50 to close to $100. Sometimes, it can cost you even more, especially if you can be legally served alcohol. However, going on a breakfast date will get you a meal for so much cheaper. At diners, you can get so much food for around $20 for two people.

4. You have the entire day.

After dinner dates, there’s really not much to do afterwards. But, after breakfast dates, you literally have your entire day left ahead of you. You can spend it with the person you went on the breakfast date with and go on adventures, or you can have it to yourself and get done whatever you need to or just sit and relax.

5. There's less pressure.

Going out to breakfast and being in your sweats is just so much more comfortable than dinner dates. Not just physically more comfortable, but the energy as well. There's just something about being around someone in that sleepy state and in comfy clothes rather than making sure you look your best that makes things way easier. There isn't that pressure to look perfect, and conversation is really so much easier in the morning for some reason.

So, next time you have a date, go out to breakfast. Don't get dressed for real, go in your sweats or even your pajamas. Don't do your hair and makeup, look natural. Share your food with your date if you can't decide. But go to won't be disappointed.