My Break Up Letter To Coca-Cola

Dear Coca-Cola,

I write this with a heavy heart. I never thought that I would have to say goodbye to something that I have relied on for so long, something that has gotten me through many late nights and countless early mornings. I used to spend some of my classes imaging how good it was going to feel to twist open the bottle and taste your deliciousness. I would mindlessly sip you up on a long drive home or during a thrilling movie. When the waiter would come to my table and ask what I wanted I would always say “a Coca-Cola please” without even thinking twice.

I have never been a coffee person, so I always relied on your sugary goodness to keep me going throughout the day. I found myself searching for you on shelves and inside coolers, just looking for that familiar red wrapper everywhere I went. It wasn’t until my friends began noticing my above average consumption that I understood what needed to happen.

I’ve tried to break up with you countless times over the years but it has never actually stuck. I found that voice in my head always telling me “one sip won’t hurt” or “what harm can come from just one glass?" I craved the help you gave me to make it through the tough days and the happiness you brought me when I popped open a can.

I know you are bad for me and I know you don’t come with many benefits. So as hard as this may be for both of us, I must say goodbye. I will miss every bubble and every sugary sip. I hope you know that it is not you, it’s me and that you did not do anything wrong and could not have done anything differently.

I will miss you, old friend.


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