A Break Can Be Needed

A Break Can Be Needed

When life kicks you in the ass, you need to step back for a few moments or in my case months to rethink your decisions


Sometimes in life we (as people) need to take a step back and rethink and evaluate certain decisions and life choices. When we rethink and evaluate these decisions, it can tend to draw you into a dark depressive type of time....and for me this was no exception. Even though I personally work in the health & wellness field, the idea of having a bad day or a bad week or even a bad month are very normal. Especially someone like myself that deals with everything under the sun and more. It can be difficult listening to people's issues & problems, with them turning back around to you and expecting you to fix these problems and issues with snap of a finger. I'm going to sound like a five year old right now but, life can be really hard, if not impossible. I am a person, not a magician. And life definitely kicked me in the ass these past two months. But, the best thing and part is I made it through alive and well. Am I still dealing with a lot of turmoil and troubling thoughts with some aspects of my life? Yes, but isn't everyone. Are there areas of my life that are working itself out? Yes, there are. Some not as quickly as others. Will I be ok? For all intensive purposes yes. Am I a dark and twisted person? Yes, but people who are not tend to be boring. All I know is that my life finally has some direction and I believe this is the direction I am meant to be going. I hope you reading this having a wonderful start to 2018 and wishing you a lovely week, thank you for reading.

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