Top 5 Brawls in Flyers/Leafs History

Ever since the Flyers entered the NHL in the 1967-68 season, they have become the bullies of the league, granting their 1970's championship team the nickname "Broad Street Bullies." Throughout their 50+ years in the league, they have become rival to many teams. However, there has only been one team that gave us the biggest and best brawls in our team's history...the Toronto Maple Leafs.

1. Craig Berube and Sandy McCarty vs. Tie Domi Brawl (1999)

On December 11, 1999, a massive full ice brawl commenced, including both goalies! (Link Here)

2. 1976 Playoff Brawl

In the third match of a 7-game thriller that went to Philadelphia, things got nasty as the Flyers jousted with fans at Maple Leaf Gardens... Not to mention on-ice fights as well. (Link Here)

3. Ron Hextall vs. Felix Potvin Goalie Fight (1996) 

By far one of the best goalie fights of all time, Hextall rushed down the ice as time expired to lay out Potvin. Surprisingly, Potvin kept his own against the bigger Hextall, leading to an exciting fight. (Link Here)

4. Flyers Fan Falls into Penalty Box with Domi (2001)

Yep. You read the headline right. Domi squirts a bottle at a Flyers fan, and that fan responded by breaking through the glass and launching his body at Domi. (Link Here)

5. Darcy Tucker Destroys Sami Kapanen (2004) 

The announcer said it best...Kapanen turned into scrambled eggs. Just watch... (Link Here)

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