By age 13, I was wearing a B cup bra. By 14, I was up to a C. 15, a D. Now, at age 21, I'm wearing a DD or an E, depending on the brand and depending on what's available.

I'm sure this doesn't sound that troublesome to most people. Stores sell DD bras. Walmart sells DD bras, and so does Target and pretty much anywhere else that sells bras.

I didn't mention that I'm 5 feet tall and 115 pounds.

The size I need to buy, or at least should be buying, is a 32DD or 32E (or the slightly too big but still acceptable 34D), which, in the grand scheme of boobs, isn't that big. I know this. But, like I said, I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 115 pounds. This is a decently large size for such a small person.

This is such a "large" size that I can't buy bras from Walmart or Target. Instead, I'm limited to buying bras from lingerie stores almost exclusively. Except, even Aerie and Victoria's Secret do not carry these sizes in store. I have to order them online.

As much as I enjoy and prefer online shopping, buying a bra online is riskier than buying a shirt online. You have no idea if it's comfortable, how scratchy the lace is, if it even fits your boobs, or how it will lie under a T-shirt. It's a big guessing game, but it's one that I, along with other people with "unusually" sized boobs, have had to settle upon.

For years, I settled on just wearing sports bras and bralettes every single day. Finding real bras was just too much work, and sports bras and bralettes are comfier. I realized that, maybe, I should have a few bras that actually fit me that are "real bras."

Then I remembered how difficult it was to find a bra in a 32D, so finding one in a larger cup size than that would be even more of a challenge, and again, I'd have to look almost exclusively online.

The struggle of finding bras that come in my size only makes me want to hide in sports bras for the rest of my life.