Being a girl with big boobs is the hardest thing to deal with. It's pretty hard to do the simplest things with two giant “melons" on your chest, as well as spending a lot of money on bras. Sometimes you love them and sometimes you wish you didn't have them. Here are 16 different problems that us larger-chested girls have to deal with:

1. Not being able to wear button-down blouses.

What's the point if the buttons are going to explode anyway. I always look bloated or the blouse looks like it doesn't fit in the first place.

2. Boob sweat…yes, it's a thing.

Ah yes! With big boobs comes boob sweat! Isn't it lovely?

3. Not being able to find cute bras in your size

Usually, the bigger cup sizes are usually plain bras that aren't attractive looking. I guess they're in the grandma bra category. However, some stores are trying to step it up! Thank you!

4. Running in general isn't your friend.

NO THANK YOU! I'll stick to the elliptical. Sports bras help a little, but it's still a struggle!

5. Department stores barely having your size so you're always told “Looks like we have to order more of those sizes."

Never mind, I don't need the bra anymore but thanks!

6. Your back hurts like hell.

I'm telling you, you'll feel tired all the time and it's hard to do the simplest things. I mean, what else did you expect when it comes to having two heavy things on your chest?

7. Trying to find a bra that's actually LESS than $50.

Yes, you're going to pay a lot of money for a plus sized bra. Lane Bryant here I come!

8. Shopping for bathing suits.

Yeah this is the worst. I have no problem finding bottoms. It's just the know what, forget about it. And side boob is guaranteed to make an appearance.

9. Strapless bras are pointless.

They really are. Your boobs NEED support. Strapless is going to let you down. I wish I could wear off the shoulder tops without a care in the world.

10. Going up and down the stairs (especially DOWN)!

You WILL be out of breath and it will feel like you haven't exercised in 1,000 years. Plus, your boobs easily draw attention

11. Putting things in your bra (like money) and forgetting that you put it there.

I mean, some people can argue that it's a perk of having boobs. If you don't feel like carrying your lip gloss or money, you can just put it in your bra. It sounds pretty gross based on the boob sweat but it's helpful. However, you may forget those small objects are there so don't forget that you put something there. To make it easier, use your pockets ladies!

12. Seeing other girls rock crop tops with no bra and you can't relate.

Yeah no one wants to see your boobs hanging out under your crop top, which leads me to problem #13.

13. Saggy boobs…

Story of my life. If you don't have this problem then god bless.

14. Being told how sexual your shirt is when it's just a regular shirt.

All. The. Time. It's not fair, but that's something we have to deal with.

15. Feeling like you're lifting your own weights.

More like dragging your own weights...

16. When people tell you that they wish they had big boobs like you.

No you don't it's a trap. But then again, there are perks to having big boobs and no matter how annoying they can be, you're glad you have them!