5 Things All Women With Big Boobs Have Thought

Every time a girl with small boobs says to you, "UGH I want your boobs!!!", you laugh in her face because she truly does not understand what she's saying. Big boobs are both a blessing and a curse, and you honestly can't decide whether or not you love them or hate them more.

1. This bra costs what?!

How many times have we been in Victoria's Secret looking at cute bras only to check the tag in our size and see it costs almost twice as much as the same bra in an A cup? Ok, so yeah it probably takes a little more fabric to cover these bad boys, but $60 for a bra? Not even a push-up? Come on.

2. Is this shirt/dress made for a toddler?

We pick up the cutest tops and dresses (and they're in our size) and when we try them on, they fit perfectly everywhere..except for the chest. How is that even possible? Some of these clothes must be made for pre-pubescent boys, honestly.

3. Well, this return of the free-boob trend is unfortunate.

Of course, this particular trend from the 90s has returned. Sure, Rachel Green with her perky B cups looked great braless. However, those of us who are a little more "blessed" are never going to be able to pull that look off.

4. Bralettes. HA!

Followed by the new trend of barely-there bras. Not only do these bralettes not come in any size remotely big enough for us, but we still have to wear a "real" bra underneath them, making this an even bigger problem.

5. Why does my back hurt?

My back is killing me but I haven't done anything but stand? OH RIGHT, IT'S THE GIANT WEIGHTS HANGING OFF MY CHEST. Some girls envy our chests, but being disproportionately top-heavy isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Don't get me wrong, having large breasts has its perks too, but the next time you feel like your boobs aren't big enough, take a peek into the mind of a large-breasted woman and maybe rethink.

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