Brady Vs. Goodell: 27 Weeks And Counting.
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Brady Vs. Goodell: 27 Weeks And Counting.

The inability to sit still for a New England Patriots fan.

Brady Vs. Goodell: 27 Weeks And Counting.

The second Tom Brady’s appeal ended over a month ago, every single Patriots fan asked themselves: “When will we know the result?”

The question remains the same, a month later. The agitation and exasperation behind it keep growing and growing.

What the hell is the hold-up? After 10 hours of testimony during an appeal need over a month to process? It shouldn’t, and it doesn’t. The hold up for NFL commisioner Roger Goodell is, quite likely, he’s afraid of getting another ruling wrong.

I feel like the NFL is being held hostage by Roger Goodell's inability to come to a decision in Tom Brady’s appeal, which has just turned to (yet again) a colossal failure of leadership by Roger Goodell.

I’ve been trying to think of a logical explanation for why it has taken more than six months since the AFC championship game (January 18), almost three months since the release of the god awful Wells Report (May 6), and 77 days since Brady was suspended for four games. Hell, its been 34 days (and counting) since the NFL heard Brady’s appeal. THEY STILL HAVEN'T COME DOWN WITH A DECISION.

Am I anxious? Definitely.

Do I want my team's franchise quarterback’s suspension lifted? Almost more than anything.

Am I being harsh on commissioner Roger Goodell? Absolutely not.

The NFL, more than any other professional sports league, should realize the ups and downs of the ever-changing news cycle. Topics like concussions, or the Washington Redskins name seem like they’ll never go away. Recent controversies such as Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Richie Incognito all felt like they’d leave a permanent stain on the NFL. But then, just like everything, people get bored and find something new to talk about and all that stuff becomes a memory in the rear view mirror.

Taking that into consideration, the Brady announcement should have been made several weeks ago. Sure, it would have dominated both national and sports for 48 hours, stayed alive on ESPN and other sports stations for few days after that, but in a couple days it would be a distant memory.

But because of Goodell’s horrific inability to run a functional front office and the seeming lack of backbone to stand behind whatever decision he conceives – one that’s going to have to placate the press, the fans, and Brady himself – the opening of the NFL season is laughably marred with a controversy from the last one, as the Steelers come to New England to take on the Patriots for the opening night game.

Now… Mr. Goodell, is number 12 going to be lacing up the cleats that night? Or is he holding the clipboard for Jimmy Garoppolo?

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