Boys vs. Dogs
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Boys vs. Dogs

Why having one is better than the other.

Boys vs. Dogs

Going through life as a 20-year-old college student, I have been faced with many realizations. For example, moms aren't lying when they say that you should enjoy eating what you want while you still can. Seriously. They're right. It actually starts to haunt you as you get older. Another good one is that managing money is a lot harder than we once thought when we were younger. Again, who knew you couldn't just write a check for everything regardless of how much money was in your account? But the greatest realization of all is the realization that I one day may never get married.

As children, we grow up thinking that everyone eventually gets married. We think it is just a part of life that we will all eventually reach sometime after college. How naive we once were. While that is not to say that none of us will get married, the likelihood that all of us will is minimal.

This is not to be cynical, but realistic. I know—how cliché. But really, this is to help us stop wasting our time on something that may never even happen for us. We need to start focusing on what is really important in life, which leads me to my favorite realization of all: There is no love like the love between a dog and its owner. Rather than building relationships with boys, we should be building a relationship with a pet, specifically a dog. Instead of focusing on boys, whether or not you are considered to be dating, and the eventual heartbreak that follows, why not focus our love on someone, or thing, that will actually appreciate it? Think about it...

Boys pretend not to be interested.

Dogs openly lick your face.

Boys can judge your appearance.

Dogs watch you dancing around your house looking like a potato, with zero judgements.

Boys can judge what you eat/how you eat it.

Dogs just want a bite.

No, like, they really want a bite.

Boys make fun of you.

Dogs make fun for you.

Boys don't always say good bye before leaving in the morning.

Dogs jump on your face to wake you up.

Boys don't always want to do what you want to do.

Dogs will go with you wherever, whenever.

Boys don't always welcome you warmly (if at all).

Dogs wait at the door for you and try to jump into your arms.

Boys are cute but...

Dogs are cuter.

Boys can give hugs but...

Dog hugs are the best hugs.

Boys can make you laugh but...

Dogs make you laugh harder.

Boys move on quickly.

Dogs miss you when you are gone for just a day.

Boys won't always cuddle.

Dogs are the best cuddlers.

Boys will leave.

Dogs won't leave your side.

Boys pretend not to know you.

Dogs look at you like you are the only person in the world.

Boys play mind games.

Dogs play fetch.

Boys pick fights.

Dogs pick tug-of-war fights.

Boys can make you cry.

Dogs cuddle your face and lick your tears.

Boys drive you crazy.

Dogs just like going for a drive.

Boys are a mystery.

Dogs are simple.

Boys can be disloyal.

Dogs don't know the meaning of the word.

Boys won't always love you.

Dogs will love you unconditionally.

I rest my case.

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