Stop Worrying About The Boys Who Leave You Because They Always Come Back

Stop Worrying About The Boys Who Leave You Because They Always Come Back

Put your energy into the person who matters most: you.

Someone once told me that boys always come back.

Ask me three years ago whether or not I believed her. How dumb, I thought. Why would they come back if they’re the ones that chose to leave?

Ask me now whether or not she was right.

I’d tell you she was omniscient.

In those three short years, I learned that heartache will eventually be greeted with return, and to be quite honest, that’s the most disheartening part. Because then why did they leave in the first place? Or, better yet, why did it take a new girl for them to realize how good they had it?

Days filled with tears and weeks clouded with frustration all boil down to their infamous returns. So why worry about it? Why spend so much time thinking about what could have been or how it played out? Stop questioning why they left because sooner or later, you’ll hear from them again.

You’ll run into them on campus or see them at local restaurants. They won’t say anything at first, but you’ll be on their minds.

In some instances, you’ll hear from them a couple hours later. Other times, it’ll take a few months. Either way, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ideally, they’ll contact you when they're single; but it doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

Don’t ask me why they come back. Maybe you’re the rebound. Maybe they finally realized what they lost. Or maybe they’re just bored and horny. Don’t ask me why; just know that they do.

What to do after they come back is your choice. Accept them or reject them. That’s your decision to make. But for the time being, stop wasting your time worrying. Put your energy into the person who matters most: you.

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An Open Letter To The Boy Who Left Me

I wish I would have known better.

I remember crying. Everyday. Every night. My heart was ripped to shreds. I called. I texted. I did anything and everything I could to get you to talk to me, I was a fool. You say I broke your heart, but do you have any idea how many pieces you shattered my heart in to?

If I knew better, I would’ve done better.

I wish I would have never fought for you. I wish I never would have put forth so much time and effort into somebody who would so quickly forget about me. I counted all the days that you would come back. I was stupid.

I remember the nights where we would talk for hours about our day, our goals, songs, everything. I remember laughing, crying, and smiling from text messages and snap chats you would send to me. I remember you talking about being able to see me next. I remember the first time you called me beautiful. I remember your middle name. I remember your favorite songs. I remember your favorite restaurant. I remember talking about spring break. I remember everything.

But I also remember the night that you hurt me when you said I hurt you. Thankfully, it's fading. Everything is fading. Your smile, your laugh, your personality. It’s all leaving. Just like how you left me.

I will never forgive you for how you have treated me. I felt and thought about myself so horribly. I questioned everything I ever did. I don’t deserve that. I deserve to be happy, and that is what I am intending to do.

I feel closer to my family more than ever. I have ninety girls that I know I can turn to if I ever need anything. I have a great group of guy friends. I still have my wonderful friends back at home. I have my best friend. She’s the one who helped me get to know you, but now she has helped me get over you. Look at me now. I am happy.

I am doing things that make me happy and I don’t want to share those experiences with you. I don’t want to call you and tell you how I’ve been. I don’t want to try to please you. I don’t want you anymore, and let me tell you, this is a great feeling.

So, don’t call me when you start thinking about me again. I’ll answer, unlike you did, but I won't care. Yes, I will ALWAYS care about you, but I will never ever let anybody leave me like how you left me. Hearing your apology or hearing you say that you just want to talk will not mean anything to me. I am going to save my heart like how you said you needed to save yours.

I’m not writing this to hurt you, I’m writing this to let you know, I don’t need to worry about you, you don’t need to worry about me. You can still creep around my Instagram to check up on me. You can look at my tweets. I know you probably won't read this, but let me be the first to tell you, I am good. I am great actually! All because of you. Thank you.

So because this is the end of “us” now, I’ll see you around.

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My Ex-Boyfriend Is One Of My Greatest Friends, And I Couldn't Ask For Any Better

Breakups do not need to just be an end, they can also be a beginning.


Break-ups are always portrayed as these horrendous things — yelling, screaming, throwing objects. While my break-up with my ex-boyfriend was not like that, it sucked. We were in love, but the distance became too difficult. I cried for months, mourning the boy who I talked to every day and shared my heart with. All I wanted to do was call him and tell him that we made a giant mistake and that we can work everything out. There was a human-shaped hole in my life.

It is not like we were able to become friends right away; it took over a year to even text normally besides the intermittent "Happy Birthday" and "Merry Christmas." It took even longer to finally meet back up in person. It was too painful — too painful to see that, even without each other, life still went on. Too painful to look through old photographs be overcome with all of the memories and the emotions associated with them. Too painful to remember the last time you hugged, held hands, laughed.

Once we started talking again, it happened slowly — from catching up once-in-a-blue-moon to spontaneously sending YouTube videos that we know the other will crack up at. And slowly, I realized how much I missed him being in my life in some way, shape, or form.

Whenever I talk to friends from high school and mention us talking and hanging out, they always look taken aback and always ask why? Why stay friends with someone you have loved?

It may not be typical and it may not work for everyone but, for us, it is right.

He is one of the people who understands me in the world and, if I may be so blunt, I think I am one of the people who know him best. We bond over ridiculous memes and "high school" drama and life in general. We can hang out for hours on end and it can feel like only a few minutes. I trust him and know that I can depend on him.

Yes, I am friends with my ex-boyfriend. We have dated other people since breaking up, and here we are now as friends. Unlike how breakups are portrayed in movies and on television, I hope for the best for him. I hope that he is happy with whoever makes him happy and I hope he achieves his dreams. Just because someone is an ex does not mean they deserve ill-will wished upon them. Break-ups do not need to just be an end, they can also be a beginning.

So, to my ex-boyfriend and one of my greatest friends, this is what I have to say — I am thankful for you. My parents always told me that time will show who my true friends are. I have lost some friends who I thought would be in my life forever, but you have always been there to send me ridiculous memes and videos and to make me laugh after venting about irksome things. I am thankful for the memories we shared when we dated and I am thankful for the memories that we share now as friends. I look forward to seeing you when I come home for Christmas and for summer break. I hope this message does not make you feel awkward, but just know how much I cherish your friendship. I hope that it never ends.


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