Living at home with my very hectic family was one thing. But now, living 3 hours away in peace and quiet, which at first sounded like a blessing, has now turned into a nightmare.

Back at home, I was always doing something. I would go to class, coach cheerleading, hang out with my friends, play soccer, and live in a house where there is always a constant noise. It's not like I couldn't do half of that here at UCF, but it's a little different when you move and leave everything you know behind.

Getting tossed into a dorm with people I have never met before was chilling as ice water being dumped all over you. It wasn't scary, just shocking. Good thing that I get along with my roommates and they are actually pretty cool. But, my problem doesn't lie in hanging out with them. It's because they go home every weekend since they live an hour away from campus unlike myself and I get stuck with the whole dorm alone. Which to some people, sounds like a miracle! But, when you still are in the process of making new friends…. It's not all that "cool".

I have an overabundance amount of free time on my hands that I'm not used to. So, Netflix is my best hobby and something I can always rely on. But, even Netflix can get boring.

So, most of my weekend nights are spent blasting my music to dull out the quiet air that's suffocating me. Dancing around my room like no one is watching, because no one is. Eating because it's there and there is nothing else to do and I feel like I should be doing something with my time.

You know, to pass time.

No wonder the "Freshman 15" is a thing and why it's so scary.

I know a few people from high school that go to UCF, but coming in during the spring while all of them have already made new friend groups and whatnot, makes it feel like I'm crossing an imaginary line that I shouldn't. Don't want to be over stepping boundaries that aren't ever clear.

Since I had started school in the spring, it had left me with some disadvantages such as: Sorority rush that was in the fall, football season, new friendships, and school involvement. With all these disadvantages, I am starting to realizing that they are pretty high walls to climb. Sitting on my bed, eating Pringles while binge watching shows like "Sex Education" and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is going to have to change if I want to have any type of life here at UCF.

Which is why, one day I pulled out my laptop and looked up clubs at school to join, things to do around campus, and even got myself a Disney season pass.

Now, I can take those steps to climb that insanely large wall to get over that annoying situation of disadvantages.

I hope that the Rock Climbing Club at UCF will help me out with that! - One of the many clubs I looked into.

Thank you for reading yet again, another struggle of mine. Stay tuned for another strain on my brain soon!