7 Mini Challenges That Are Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Summer
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7 Mini Challenges That Are Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Summer

Every day is a great day to work on improving yourself!


Did you know it only takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit? Now that it's summer time, why not try to start a new habit? If your New Year's Resolution fell off the tracks at some point, let's get that goal back up and running! Here are a couple of summer resolution ideas if you find yourself feeling a little bored during the next few months!

1. Do 50 crunches every day.

I know no one wants to hear this, but exercise is good for you! If the gym intimidates you, even if you want to get in shape, then set aside five minutes a day to do some crunches. You don't even have to leave the house! Get yourself a yoga mat and just do it. If it helps, you can take breaks and not do them all at once! And if you're feeling ambitious after 50, do 100! Think how cool it will be to have a six-pack at the end of the summer!

Justyn Warner

2. Refuse plastic water bottles and straws for the summer.


Reducing your plastic waste is a great way to help the environment! Enjoy your beach vacays a little more by doing your part to protect all of our sea animals. Once you start refusing plastic water bottles and straws, you'll be surprised at how often they are offered to people! Get yourself a nice reusable water bottle and decrease your waste--it's 2018 for crying out loud!

3. Give one compliment every day to someone new.

Have you ever been walking to class and a stranger complimented you on your outfit or makeup and it made your day? It's one of the best feelings ever! So share the love and try to give at least one genuine compliment—bonus points if it's a stranger! But don't force it. If you forget to compliment someone on the streets, then make sure to tell one of your friends you love them before you go to bed—I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Kiana Bosman

4. Start a journal.

I've said this before, but I LOVE to journal! An easy way to start journaling is to do a stream of consciousness. It is pretty easy to get into, all you have to do is write down everything you think. Even if you're thinking "I don't know what to write anymore" - you can jot that down! You don't have to write something inspiring, just write about your day, how you're feeling, how summer is going, what you're looking forward to in the fall, or whatever's on your mind! Journaling is a great way to get to know yourself better and remember your exciting summer!

Christelle BOURGEOIS

5. Take one picture every day of something that makes you happy.

It's important to remember the good, even if you're having an awful day. Try taking one picture every day this summer! Create a folder on your phone and put something in it every day! Take photos of puppies, ice cream, sunsets, friends or fluffy clouds. For all the UCF students reading this: take a picture of our beautiful reflection pond! It's so beautiful and no longer under construction! If you spend a day at home doing nothing—maybe you can save a wholesome meme to your album. The best part about this mini challenge is that whenever you do have a bad day, you can open your album of happy pictures and feel a little bit better!


6. Cut a bad habit out of your life.

Nobody is perfect. We all have little habits we wish we could stop but don't. Make it your mission this summer to quit that pesky habit and leave it in the dust! Nail biting, eating fast food, or forgetting sunscreen in Florida's heat are all good examples. (Seriously wear sunblock and moisturize this summer, people!)

Alex Blăjan

7. Treat yourself for the summer!


Maybe things have been stressful with academics this school year and you're finally ready to relax. Give yourself a break and treat yourself this summer. Say "yes" for a chance to the things you usually say "no" to this summer. When you see that perfect dress in the store window, instead of telling yourself you can't buy it—go try it on! You're worth it! Give in and get yourself a pedicure! You're going to be wearing flip flops anyway so why not make your toes extra cute? Sometimes, your worst habit might just be being a little too hard on yourself. Live a little this summer and let loose!

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