Becoming A Reader
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Becoming A Reader

If you are interested in getting into reading, here are some suggestions that I personally love!


I have always loved reading and have read hundreds of books. A lot of my friends don't know where to start or what they would be interested in book-wise. I give book recommendations all the time and wanted to share some of them to give a starting point in some different genres I enjoy. On tiktok, there is new trend called the enemies-to-lovers trope and it has been getting some major attention. There is also a side of tiktok called "booktok" which is all about different themes within books. Consider at least one of these books and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Enemies To Lovers

This is the number one trend right now in the book world. A story where sworn enemies end up with each other is just so satisfying in the end. The tension between characters is what makes it so special when they end up together. Here are some good series to check out for this trope.

1. Throne Of Glass series

This series is an incredible tale of main character, Celaena Sardothien, who is the world's greatest assassin trained by the legendary Arobynn Hamel. This series is full of deceit, romance, and magic. It exists in a world where there's evil kings, ancient demons, and a constant fight between the forces of good and evil. Not only does our main character have some serious (and I mean multiple) enemies to lovers relationships, there are also a ton of other characters that follow this trend as well. It makes for some awesome tense scenes and really developed romances. This series is one of my favorites and is definitely worth finishing all the way.

2. Legend

This is a dystopian series by Marie Lu, which gives the same energy as Hunger Game, Divergent, and Maze Runner at the same time. There is an angry lower class, a self righteous elite, and deadly disease threatens them all. The two main characters, Day and June, are fated to meet but end up on the opposite sides of the fight. Their story arc is incredible and both have to risk everything for each other. Will they topple the upperclass or will the rebellion be snuffed out? Read the trilogy to find out!

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses

This is by the same author as the Throne of Glass series but Sarah J. Maas just nails the enemies to lovers thing. Once again there is magic, fae, and tense romance. This is a more adult book and definitely keeps my interest. It depicts main character, Feyre Archeron, and her journey into the faerie lands after she mistakenly murders a faerie disguised as a wolf. The plot is good and the characters are good, what more can you ask for?

Almost Too Depressing

These type of books will have me questioning everything for days. I love a good sad ending and these deliver. If you are in the mood to feel heartbroken over fictional characters, here are some options for you.

1. Me Before You

This book is about the relationship between William Trainor, a bitter paraplegic, and Louisa Clark, his hired help. William Trainor desperately needs something to hold onto after he is paralyzed in an accident and Louisa Clark might be the ray of sunshine that allows him to feel alive again. Louisa herself doesn't know her role in life and William might be the one to help her find it. This book is funny, romantic, and heart wrenching at the same time. Be prepared to cry at the end.

2. Where The Red Fern Grows

This book might not be for everyone but it is definitely a sad one. I read it when I was younger and enjoyed it even though it made me cry. It's all about a boy and his two dogs whom he loves very much. These dogs are his best friends throughout life and will protect him no matter one. It is a sweet story about the relationship with man's best friend and is written very well. It was written in 1961 and is also a children's novel so it may feel a little juvenile and outdated but this is a timeless story for whoever wants to try it.

3. Looking For Alaska

John Greene does sad teen angst like no one else. Honestly, this book is full of so much that a summary won't do it justice so you just have to go read it. It isn't the saddest book I have ever read, but it really made me think after I was done. This book along with any John Green novel would be great (The Fault In Our Stars is an honorable mention).

Easy Reads

These are my "fluff" books that are fun to read but don't take too much effort. They don't take too long, they have a fun plot, and the romance is always good. If you aren't that into reading these might be perfect to start with. Everyone's reading level is different so this is more of a general idea but just because it's an easy read doesn't mean it's not a great book.

1. The Selection

This series is like a higher stakes Bachelor contest. Girls compete for the title of queen with the dashing Prince Maxon as the prize. The main character, America, is a wild card in the contest and doesn't seem to be that interested in becoming queen. Throughout the book America's feelings change constantly and you never know how Maxon truly feels either. This series was a fast read and the fourth and fifth books are all about the daughter of royalty looking for her prince. The romance was the main focus and it was very enjoyable.

2. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

Since the movies started coming out this series got a lot more press, which is deserves! I love how the series tracks a girl through high school into college decisions because it felt very relatable to me both in high school and college. The main character, Laura Jean, is a girl with a big heart who has fallen in love five times. She writes love letters to each of these boys and never expects them to get out-until they do. The series deals with the aftermath of that decision as well as her family life and her struggles with friendships. I love the family aspect of this book as well as the relationships Laura jean has. The movies are also awesome if you want to watch before the books!

3. The Summer I Turned Pretty

This is one of my all time favs and encompasses a love triangle, a teenage girl finding herself, and tension like no other. It isn't a complex book with a lot of characters which is why it's an easy read for me, but the plot is very interesting. This might be good for younger kids but I still love it as an adult because books don't have an age limit! The main character, Belly, has to deal with two boys (who happen to be brothers) who have never bothered to look at her romantically-that is until one summer everything changes. The summer time setting and sweet young love makes this book a really fun one to read.

Deep Thinkers

Now these book are ones I have to work at and really focus on. I have to make sure I have nothing going on and really force myself to remember complex plot, character arcs, and details so that it makes sense. These book are ultimately more satisfying to understand because once all the details come together it creates a complete picture for the reader.

1. Dune

This book is known as one of the best scene fiction novels ever written and is also being made into a movie starring Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet. This book is very complicated-containing new planets, world politics, and a sinister plot to gain power. The main character, Paul Atreides, is a very special boy who is tasked with defeating the evil Harkonnens and freeing a planet full of people known as the Fremen in order to protect the mysterious spice and his family legacy. This is one of my favorite books and is so worth it once you get comfortable with all the different characters and jargon.

2. Fight Club

I recently finished this book and I would say this is more for older readers who aren't afraid of graphic imagery. I would also say to fully understand the complexities of this book, you should read some scholarly articles that examine the different characters and why they act the way they do. This book is about a main character who lives an unsatisfactory life as a corporate consumer. One day he meets his opposite, Tyler Durden, and his life is permanently changed. This book deals with the definition of masculinity, order vs chaos, and the way consumer societies are slowly killing us. One of the most thought provoking books I have read and I also highly recommend the movie.

3. The Scarlet Letter

I know that sometimes older books can be a drag, especially because the language can feel outdated and the plots move slow. I really enjoyed the scarlet letter because it's message is timeless and it has a strong female main character who doesn't let society break her. This book discusses Hester Prynne, and her child born out of wedlock. In this puritan society she has committed a terrible sin and has to pay the price. The book comments on religion, stereotypes, and punishment. I love the ending of this book and it definitely makes the boring parts worth it.

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