Why I Love Being An English Major
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Why I Love Being An English Major

In 80 years, I'd rather say I tried and failed than never tried at all.

Why I Love Being An English Major

I've heard it a million times and I know that I'll hear it a million more: "Why would you want to major in English? Don't you want a job some day?" One thing I can tell you is that I know I will find a job someday, and hopefully it'll be a job that I love.

There's nothing I love to do more than read and write, and I've loved these things since I was young. In kindergarten, we had to do little book reports and in elementary we had AR (accelerated reader), and in no time I had a 10th grade reading level in sixth and seventh grade. I've always been able to relate to books, the characters, the settings, the storylines. As an only child, I was left to play by myself which gave me a large imagination and the ability to write things that came into mind, no matter how weird or serious it was. Now that I'm older and have to pick what I want to do with my life, reading and writing just seemed natural.

When I first applied to schools I wanted to teach English. My mom always told me I would be a great teacher, especially because I was so good in English. Now that I've finished my first year of college, I'm happy that I changed my mind! Every single English teacher or professor that I've had left a large impact on me. I could only hope to be anything like some of the teachers I've had in the past, and that is a lot to live up to. Not only did I put pressure on myself way too early on to be a great teacher, I just couldn't see myself doing that. I don't feel that I could force kids to sit there and read when they don't like reading, or making kids think about a writing topic that they have no interest in. I understand that English class can be a turnoff for people, and I wouldn't feel right forcing a book that I might like down 20 kids' throats. That just wasn't what I wanted. Even my college adviser knew that I wasn't cut out for the teaching world. When I changed my major to English with a writing concentration, I felt so much better. I kept my special education minor and now I feel like I can do anything. I get to read books for homework (I might not like all of them, but still!) and write papers over and over again. Writing is honestly my favorite thing to do, research or not. Once I sit down and write I can get a pretty lengthy paper out in a few hours.

Now to address the question: What do I plan on doing with my life? Well, let me tell you, my options could be endless! My goal is to be a writer, whether it's just for a newspaper, magazine or even my own novels. I love getting my ideas out and sharing with others. That's why I became an Odyssey team member! Getting my thoughts out not only makes me feel better but helps me connect with others who could be feeling the same way or going through the same situation. If writing doesn't work out, advertising is always an option as well. Everyone wants a great writer!

Never let a dream job slip away because you think you'll never get it. Crazy things happen every day, and in 80 years I'd rather say I tried and failed than never try at all. If you're thinking about becoming an English major, literature or writing, I say go for it. You meet some really great, opinionated people and I've made some good friends in my major (not saying you won't in any other major)! I've read books and stories I never thought I'd read that really changed how I think about things. Not a day goes by that I regret becoming an English major, and hopefully, some day it'll all fall together. If you're worried about not finding a job with your major, do some research and talk to your advisor. Things will all work out they way they need to, you just need to act upon it.

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