I took to Instagram and asked what body type people thought was most attractive on girls. I knew it would seem weird, but I had a good idea behind it all.

I know that Instagram is hard to look at every day. Yes, there are fun photos of friends to keep up with and cute dogs, but there are also lots of girls with seemingly perfect lives. I hate how girls compare themselves to Instagram girls. Facetune and filters, none of it is real.

So when I asked Instagram, I got a lot of ideas. Here are some of my favorites...

Athletic Slim



Not too skinny, a happy medium

Girl next door. Not too skinny or overweight. Right in the middle.

Athletic build. Flatter chest, weight in butt


As you can see, from just a few responses I showed here, everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful. This is happy proof that all body types are beautiful. No matter what your body looks like, you are beautiful. Don't let Instagram models or anyone for that matter make you feel less about yourself.

You are beautiful exactly as YOU are.