Stop Letting The BS Of Body Mass Index Define You Or Your Body

Stop Letting The BS Of Body Mass Index Define You Or Your Body

Instead of focusing on our overall body weight, we need to find a system that focuses more on our fat levels than our weights.


I went to the doctor's office with my little brother this morning, and it pretty much felt like getting my teeth pulled out one by one. This wasn't his regular doctor, and nothing about the visit was fun, but the thing that stood out the most was when she tried telling my brother that his BMI was too high.

Y'all, my brother is a 6-foot, weightlifting machine. This kid lifts pretty much whenever he can, and he's ridiculous about his fitness. He even does meal prep AND drinks protein shakes. I seriously don't know anyone that tries harder at staying active and fit than my brother.

So when this doctor told my brother that, according to his BMI, he was overweight, don't get me wrong: I was a little ticked. My brother was a little ticked. My mom was a little ticked. This really did not help the appointment, but in the end, my brother shrugged it off because he said that BMI was pretty much BS.

But when I got home, I decided to calculate what my own BMI would be. And according to those numbers, apparently, I'm obese, by American standards.

I wasn't really sure how to feel, honestly. I've struggled some with body image in the past, but for the most part, I've gotten to the point where I can feel happy with how I look.

Suddenly that feeling of acceptance was stripped from me, all because of a couple of numbers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not thin. I know I'm overweight. But I never ever would've classified myself as obese. After seeing my BMI, I decided to do some digging to figure out how accurate this test really is. What I found is that it's not very accurate at all.

In order to calculate your BMI, you divide your weight (in pounds) by your height (in inches) squared. Then you take that number and multiply it by 703. If the number you get is over 25, then you're considered overweight. If it's over 30, then you're obese.

That's all fine and dandy, except that calculation literally only accounts for your height and weight. It doesn't take into consideration your body type, how much muscle you have, how big your bones are, or any other factors.

So why is this the calculation we're using to calculate obesity?

Like I said, my brother lifts weights excessively. For a 16-year-old, he's got a ton of muscle. But this test didn't acknowledge that. Instead, it just said, "Oh, since you weigh x pounds, you're overweight."

Admittedly, BMI does work for some people, and using it can give you a general idea on whether or not you need to keep an eye on your weight. However, weight isn't necessarily the problem. Usually, muscle isn't going to give you health problems, fat is.

So instead of focusing on our overall body weight, we need to find a system that focuses more on our fat levels than our weights.

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She's the person you care for with all your heart and sometimes hate passionately. She's the one you misbehave with yet the one who often keeps you in check. You've been there since her day one, and she changed your life forever. She is truly your partner in every crime, your shoulder to cry on when life is too much to handle on your own, and the very best friend you never expected to love this much. She's your little sister, and there are many reasons why she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

1. She makes you want to be a better person.

She's your baby sister, and you want her to grow up to be a genuine and well-respected person, which means you must be that person for her to look up to. She gives you a reason to be better.

2. You were her first friend, and that is a difficult bond to break.

From the day she was born, you were who she latched onto. You were her friend before she knew anyone else, and that makes your relationship unbelievably strong.

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4. She will always keep you young.

Although you want to be a grown-up example in her life, she will always be a reminder to have more fun and to let loose. She also has a better sense of style than you ever did at her age, so pay attention.

5. Your life-long friends have known her almost as long as you have, and they love her too.

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5 Reasons Your Brother Should Do Double Duty As Your Best Friend

Brothers are really just the best friends that you are born with so might as well accept it and make him your best friend.


Brothers can sometimes seem like your total opposite, but the reality is that he just might be the best person to keep as your bestie.

1. He is always down to take goofy photos for the gram when no one else is.

Sometimes you just need a goofy photo to lighten up the gram, and frankly those are the only kinds of pictures brothers know how to take. Worth it? YES. Bestie? Definitely.

2. He is both your source of major tattoo inspo and envy.

Photo from Mario Micketti

A tattoo that's both inspiring AND that well drawn? Iconic. Only a true bestie would share this artwork.

3. He will try and bring you coffee when you need it. 

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4. He will want to be in all your videos no matter what.

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5. And he will be your perfect impromptu model at the drop of a hat.

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I mean when the lighting is right and your favorite coffee shop has a porch swing, you need someone to sit there for pictures and your bestie is always up for the challenge.

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