Blue's Clues Is Back And Better Than Ever!
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Look it's a letter from our friends!

If these few words don't get your gears churning then you must not know about the fantastic children's serious "Blue's Clues"!

The show was originally created back in 1996 on Nickelodeon. It is a fun show about an owner and his dog going on adventures with their other friends such as Shovel, Paprika, or Magneta through Blue's little clues!

It was one of my absolute favorite shows when I was younger and I can remember watching several episodes on weekends.

I think my Mom really enjoyed it because it makes a child's creativity come to life while also being incredibly educational.

After Steve. the original host, had to leave the show they had to replace him with Joe. Joe was a good replacement and really tried his best, but the show's popularity began to decline because of the change.

In the past, Nickelodeon has tried to do another live version of blue's clue's called "Blue's Room" with puppets in 2004, but again this one was not as popular as the original.

So now Nickelodeon has just announced that a new reboot of "Blue's Clue's" called "Blue's Clue's and You" is coming November 2019.

I believe this is a great idea! The children who originally watched the show are now adults and can be nostalgic and think back to all of those wonderful childhood memories.

Blue's Clues & You | First Look Music Video | Nick

In this preview video, I believe that Josh really will be a great host and the show still seems to have the same feel to it.

I believe Nickelodeon will do this show justice as they know several people who used to be fans of the show expect a lot from them.

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