I have been recently been experimenting with ways to try to manage my stress, and I have found that succulents are an awesome plant to invest your time into! They're not HARD to take care of, per se, but they love any affection that you're willing to give them! If you're stressed out about school or need something to pour your love into, look into succulents! Below are ten more reasons why you need a succulent THIS INSTANT (you won't regret it, I promise!).

1. They're so cute!


2. They don't really require that much care!


Succulents, like cacti, store lots of water in their leaves. As a new plant owner, you should be more concerned about overwatering, not under watering!

3. They're pretty cheap!

There are websites such as www.mountaincrestgardens.com that sell succulents that will be shipped to you, with the average price being only $3! If you don't want to decide, there are also monthly subscription boxes like Succulent Studios that will send you two plants a month for only $10!

4. There are so many different types you'll be able to find one you love!


If you just browse the internet, or even wander around in stores like your local Home Depot, you'll be able to see all the different varieties of succulents and find one that's perfect for you!

5. You can name them!

Katie Looff

I currently have six: Juantia, Uraraka, Zeke, Donald, Juliet, and Thanos. I am expecting one in the mail soon, and his name will be Romeo :) It's like naming pets: you have to find a name that fits what you're naming, and once you name your succulent you may seem a little crazy, but it's easier to keep a personal connection with them.

8. They're easy to repair.

Earlier in the week, I knocked one of my succulents (Donald) and he broke in half. But no fear! If a succulent breaks, all you have to do is dry the tip out, put it in some dirt, and leave it alone for about three weeks, and new roots will start to grow! There are even some succulents like the Hen and Chicks succulents that have their leaves fall off, which then grow into baby Hen and Chicks!

9. It's something alive that you can make a connection to (seriously!).

The more effort you put into your plants, the more they're going to grow! Take care of them, because they can literally be physical manifestations of your love. Plus, you'll feel so good when you notice them growing!

10.  Keeping plants alive is a sign of whether you're a good person or not.

Succulents by Nancy Hoang

This is a thing (I saw it on Twitter). If you keep a toxic household/are a toxic person, then your plants are going to die! Therefore, in order to keep your plants (and relationships) alive, you need to be a welcoming and good person. Plus, if you have a succulent, if you're ever feeling like a horrible person, just check on your plants!