Poetry On Odyssey: Blue Dream Dementia

Shivers down my spine,

The song knows when to lock me up and drown my thoughts inside.

Every memory remade through a broken hearted serenade.

As dementia is as bitter than the memories that haunt me.

Like a ghost keeping out of sight,

I'm the vampire in all your photos.

Never there...

But the less I know the better amiright?

Rewriting tunes to make your heart swoon,

In a gloomy lonely heart breaking June.

But let's start it over,

As you pace back and forth-

Contemplating my mistakes,

Saying over and over-

"Don't come back," "Wait no," and "Please come around again.."

Placing records on a player, spinning itself around-

For I ain't plan this,

Tears in my eyes that drip but wouldn't drop-

And warm hearted hugs that leave me cold.

Folie a deux,

For there's chaos in these dreams tonight.

Cycling back to and forth,

For these dreams leave me bluer than the gloomy lonely heart breaking June.

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