Being in Spain has taught me so much. It has taught me that I need to work out more in order to travel here. It has taught me that the term "American" can mean something wonderful or extremely awful. And finally, it has taught me that a blend and acceptance of different cultures is what makes, or what is supposed to make the world go around.

When thinking back to how I live my life in America, I realized how blinded people, myself included, are when it comes to accepting different cultures. Minorities in America are clearly segregated. However, sometimes, I don't think this segregation is fully intentional. I think that sometimes what happens is that there is a sort of awkwardness that arises when one experiences an interaction with someone from a different country or culture.

It is human instinct to run from the uncomfortable. We like to keep to those who are most like our family, our friends, our community. I think it is time for a little change.

There was a quote that one of my old classmates told me once. "Become comfortable in the uncomfortable." This quote could not be more fitting to our lives. Now is the time to seek out relationships with those who may be a little different, have different customs, or come from a different culture.