I have not fallen to the Dark Side, and my mind has not been twisted by the Dark Lord himself. America sits at the crossroads of its destiny, and the latest GOP Debate and Super Tuesday have made one thing clear: We need a confident, genius leader that can unite our people. Here's why Donald trumps his peers as the most ideal candidate to save our future as president.

Trump wins. BIG.

He's not afraid of setbacks, because he's never had any. He's not afraid to gamble on the unexpected, and when he does, he's always covered his losses. From airlines to secondary education, Trumps' investment catalog speaks for itself.

He's the ideal American family man.

He raised his kids with core values like respect for education and sent them to Georgetown and UPenn. He gave them a family business to fall back on. And none of his kids are strung-out. That's a hard feat to come by, especially when our society loves to prey on innocent children and see them fail. Trump deserves props. His success makes me want to be a #DadLikeDonald.

He builds flawless plans.

You gotta love he plans things like his approach to foreign policy. The vagueness is so simple and concise:

His hair is always on point.

Only our boy can pull this look off. His swagger is undeniable.

Trump LOVES People of Color.

People question Trump's recent numbers of support from Latinos (46 percent, baby!), but when you get a George Lopez endorsement and Latino media sites like Mitú break down the numbers, you get the truth. He loves all creeds and races, which is why he plans to impact minorities in a monumental way.

He gets misunderstood a lot, but his core message is that he only wants to work with the best and brightest People of Color to make America safe and great again. We love you too, Donald!

Hip-hop idolizes Trump.

Trump's been impacting hip-hop since 1989 and has been an inspiration for its biggest socially conscious influencers, like Nas and Kendrick Lamar.

He understands youth culture and can impact young people by being their role model. Even Kendrick said he wants to be a Trump, Donald of course.

Trump ain't afraid of nobody.

We saw him go at women, religions, and ethnicities, but what made me a believer was his courage to even respond to the pope if provoked. That's what true leaders do -- they don't discriminate when it comes to setting people straight. It's surprising #TrumpVsWorld hasn't started trending -- it could actually be a thing.

If you're feeling inspired or just want more Trump in your life, check out his soundboard. I know what my new ringtone's gonna be.