Black Is Beautiful, No Matter The Shade
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Politics and Activism

Black Is Beautiful, No Matter The Shade

Don't be afraid to conquer because the world is yours and you control your destiny.

Black Is Beautiful, No Matter The Shade

How many of us have heard "Light skin girls are prettier than dark skin girls" or "She's pretty for a dark skin girl." How many of us have also heard "Black men ain't nothing but dogs." This is apart of our mental enslavement that's in our unconscious mind. African Americans have to be one of the most divided races. Some people don't understand why but it's been embedded into our minds from our slave ancestors. How did they get to these ideologies? A man very few African Americans know about, William (Willie) Lynch. This exact thought process is called The Willie Lynch Syndrome.

Who is Willie Lynch? Willie Lynch was a British slave owner in the Caribbean. He came to Virginia in 1712 and to give a speech regarding how to keep slaves under restrain. Willie Lynch, like many slave owners, didn't want to end slavery and also didn't want slaves to start a revolution against slave holders. His philosophy was that if you separate the darker slaves from the fair skinned slaves how can they possibly come together. The execution of his divide & conquer method caused envy among the slaves, which still lives on in our minds today. Willie Lynch also had a doctrine that was handed out to slave holders titled the Willie Lynch Document which basically entailed how to make a man a slave. Slave owners were instructed to use public abuse and humility as tactics to put fear in the black community and destroy the image of the black man in the mind of the black women.

These ideologies not only have had a lasting effect on our society but also a detrimental one. African Americans are still the under dogs. The police attack and abuse us for being black in America (BIA). Which if you ask me is America's number one crime. African American women see black men as weak and criminals because that is what we were taught. We are taught to be envious and loathe one another for trivial things such as fairer skin or straighter hair.

As a light skin female I always wanted to be darker because I felt as though I wasn't as "black" as my counterparts. I always wanted more melanin to my pigment because as they say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

Malice within our own community runs deep. Divided we fall, together we conquer. We need to stop the dark skin light skin separation, because at the end of the day we're all African American, share the same history, have the same naps & kinks to our hair, and mainly the same features. Black women love your black men. They are Kings who need Queens to uplift and elevate them especially in a society that is built on seeing their failure. Black men love your black women she is a Queen who sometimes needs reassurance in a world that wasn't designed to love her black skin or her flat nose or her kinky hair. Black child don't be afraid to conquer because the world is yours and you control your destiny.

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