Binge-Watching Season Two Of Daredevil As Told By Daredevil Gifs

Binge-Watching Season Two Of Daredevil As Told By Daredevil Gifs

You know it took you less than a day to finish it, too.


The newest season of Marvel's Daredevil was released onto Netflix last Friday, March 18th. The whole season, total, was about thirteen hours, so chances are it only took you that amount of time (plus allotted time for bathroom- and snack-breaks) to finish the entire thing. There were twists, there were crazy fight scenes, and there was a lot of shirtless Matt Murdock. The introduction of a few new characters made for a more interesting season, too, and these characters continued to keep us on our toes.

…I’m ready for season three. Anytime now, Netflix.

First starting the season and immediately consuming four episodes:

You sit there like, hey, I’m not gonna watch all of this in one go. I am not going to stay in bed for thirteen hours and watch this entire season in one sitting. And then you do and it’s amazing but also you regret everything because your butt is cramping and you have to pee like a racehorse.

Shirtless Matt Murdock:

Honestly, just an excuse to use this gif. You know you were all thinking it when you watched it, too; he's beautiful as hell.

When the Punisher (Frank Castle) is first introduced and you’re like, yes. That one. That asshole:

Like, yeah, sure, he killed a bunch of gang members, but also I'm pretty sure he would step in front of a bullet for Karen Page and also he's super badass, so.

When Elektra is first introduced in all of her badass glory and you have to take a minute to catch your breath:

At first I was like, "I won't get emotionally attached. It's fine." I got emotionally attached.

When your mom/roommate/significant other comes into your room to check and make sure you’re okay since you haven’t emerged in over six hours:

Unless you're here to ask if I want more pizza rolls or to watch it with me, please let me live my life.

Every time Matt got hurt and we all turned into Foggy:

Netflix has this really fun (and by fun I mean not fun at all) habit of ending episodes with Matt dying in a ditch somewhere and it is getting really ridiculous.


I was whimpering at my laptop screen. Please don't hurt the dog, thanks.

When you rip through so many episodes that before you know it, you’re almost done with the whole thing:

Wait...I'm on episode what now?

One batch, two batch. Penny and dime:

The nursery rhyme from Frank's daughter's favorite book that he always mutters under his breath. *weeps*

When you finish all of the available episodes and you’re already anticipating the third season…:

Daredevil season three, where you at?

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