An Open Letter To My Big

An Open Letter To My Big

College gave me a lifelong best friend that I can respect, look up to, admire and confide in. College gave me you.


From the minute you popped out of my box and became my big forever, I knew there was something special about being your little.

I went to college and didn't know much about the sorority world, it was foreign to me. For most people, they've grown up anticipating bid day and praying they get into the sorority they've followed for years. Regardless of the fact that I was a freshman, halfway across the country, away from familiarity, I was thrown into a world full of friendships and sisterhood and best of all, I met YOU.

From the day we met, we instantly clicked and made a connection. We barely knew each other but we knew we were already the perfect pair. And that stays true to this day.

From my freshman meltdowns, stressful complications in school and my health and crying my eyes out to the point you couldn't even understand what I was saying, you loved me all the same. You introduced me to people, you made me feel included in school, in sorority and in your life.

The concept of having a little is wonderful, but it is also something you can't avoid. No matter what, you're accepting a new person into your life and friendships. Most of the time it all works out for the best and you and your big have a phenomenal relationship forever. But, there are also the big-little relationships that can end in hurt, exclusion or some other issue.

Last year, you made my experience at TCU one to remember, love and cherish. You never judged me for the mistakes I made during my freshman year, and I'll admit it, there were quite a few mistakes I made. You would just hear me out and gently guide me back on track. You shared your freshman year challenges and choices you made to let me know that everything was going to be ok and that we've all been there.

At the beginning of college, I didn't know who I was or what I wanted in life, and for a little bit, I lost myself. But you were a constant support in my life, you made me want to be better and be who I authentically am, because that's what YOU. You don't make excuses for anything, you make every relationship intentional and you stay grounded in your beliefs and your opinions.

Now, because of you, I found myself again, something I didn't realize I had lost.

You're not only my big, or my best friend, you're a true big sister to me and I appreciate everything you've done for me. You've stuck up for me, you've invested time in our relationship, you've been a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. You've made me laugh and smile more than I can count and you've never left my side.

The best gift I have received in college is you. College gave me a lifelong best friend that I can respect, look up to, admire and confide in. College gave me you.

Cover Image Credit: Alex Wilkins

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18 Things That Happen When You Get A Good Roommate

Not every roommate story is a bad one.

Whenever you hear about roommate stories, they're almost never good, and they usually scare you into never wanting a roommate. "Did you hear her roommate steals her clothes?" "Her roommate doesn't shower!" "Wow, her roommate doesn't talk at all, and doesn't do laundry." From what I hear, there are more bad stories than good. That is why I consider myself lucky, because my roommate is nothing like one of those bad stories. When life hands you a good roommate after talking to about 40 girls through Facebook, a few things happen.

1. You always have someone to talk to.

2. You know each other's schedules, and whenever you both have a break is an exciting time.

3. You'll never have to dance alone.

4. You always have someone to do something with, even if it's just walking down the hall.

5. You both look out for each other, because this is your first time without your parents.

6. You always have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

7. Borrowing each other's things is a daily thing.

8. You TRY to help with each other's homework and assignments.

9. They're encouraging when it comes to boys. (Unless they're a f*ckboy.)

10. They're your biggest support system and your personal cheerleader.

11. They never forget to wish you luck on a big exam.

12. They accept how gross you are in the morning and not so pleasant sometimes.

13. You both know each other's favorite and least favorite things.

14. Leaving each other notes saying goodbye before class if you don't see them is normal.

15. Saying goodbye for breaks is upsetting.

16. Not seeing them all day is upsetting.

17. You have more pictures together than any of your other friends.

18. You found a best friend for life.

Cover Image Credit: Jordan Griffin

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11 Things I've Learned About Myself Since Living With 3 Other College Students

My roommates are possibly the best people in the world.


What have I learned? Living with your family and living with other college students are completely different situations.

1. Doing the dishes is surprisingly therapeutic.  

When living with my parents, it was such a chore. Now, I really don't mind it! Heck, it's relaxing most of the time.

2. If my roommates aren't motivated to do homework, then neither am I.


My ability to do homework and focus on it has decreased entirely.

3. Living off campus makes you highly unmotivated to go to campus.

Whether it's by driving or going on the bus, getting to campus takes a lot of energy that I don't seem to have anymore.

4. Sickness spreads. 

One roommate starts coughing, and suddenly we all have the flu.

5. I'm not sure how my mother made dinner every night. 

I'm finding it near impossible.

6. You can always tell when I've been in a room.

I'm a mess. My roommates are always picking up after me, whoops.

7. I leave the lights on in every single room.

And it's not magical. It's probably kind of annoying, sorry!

8. I don't mind sharing everything. 

Unless it's my personal half gallon of ice cream- then you may have to ask. Truthfully, anything that's mine is also my roommates. Borrow as you please!

9. I don't care about name-brand food. 

Beggars cannot be choosers. All food is good food.

10. I have become reliant on water bottles.

I've actually never been a big water bottle person before, but College Station Water is gross, and they're actually pretty handy.

11. Every day is a new adventure, and I'm here for it. 

I truly don't know what each day will hold, and I love it! Are we going to go grocery shopping at midnight? Will we paint canvases instead of doing homework? Did someone have a bad day and do we need to get our nails done? The possibilities are endless.

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