Growing Up In A Big, Close Family As Told By Kardashian Gifs

If you're like me and grew up in a big, loud, super close family, then you probably understand how easy it is to relate to the Kardashians in the same way that they're also pretty extra. But I mean, how can you not be? Big family + a bunch of big personalities =

1. Family get togethers are LOUD.

Yet somehow it doesn't bother you. You're ~used~ to it.

2. In fact, when it's NOT ear-piercingly loud you start to get worried and forget how to function.

"Why is it so quiet? Who's mad?"

3. And get togethers? What am I talking about? You're pretty much ALWAYS together anyway.

4. You're each other's biggest supporters... and biggest source of peer pressure.

Partner in crime? Yeah, I've got 15.

5. You're always together even when you're not.

There are MULTIPLE group chats.

6. You're pretty much each other's best friends.

Why hang out with anyone else?

7. You never feel awkward around them and can tell them anything.

"Hey can you look at this spot on my butt?"

8. You're ready to singlehandedly take down anyone who tries to mess with any of them.

But you know you won't ever have to by yourself. If you mess with one of us, you'll get all of us.

9. You have no sense of embarrassment anymore.

Someone WILL spill something, or break something, or say something inappropriate EVERYWHERE. YOU. GO.

10. You've always got someone who's down to participate in your ~shenanigans~.

Bad idea? Good idea? By the end of it no one's probably going to remember the original idea in the first place.

11. When you're away for long periods of time you start to have withdrawals.

12. BUT sometimes you just need to take some time to yourself. You know, so you won't go crazy.

No you don't.

13. But when you all get back together after being apart for a hot minute... Well.

There's SO much to catch up on. It's SO loud. ANYTHING could happen.

14. But despite their loudness or craziness, you don't know what you would do without them.

They're your rock and you're truly blessed to have such an incredible family.

Big families who are super close are so important, but so is every other family out there that loves and supports each other. Without my big and crazy family, I wouldn't be the person I am today, and I am thankful every single day for the incredible group of people I got stuck in the middle of.

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