Before you ask how many siblings I have, I'm just going to flat out tell you. Seven. I am the oldest of seven siblings. Lucky me.

Right now you are probably laughing at me and saying to yourself "sucks to be her." But let me tell you, while you're laughing at me for having that many siblings, I'm laughing at you because you didn't get to have the awesome childhood I had growing up.

With that being said, here is seven reasons why it was great growing up one of seven children.

1. It's like walking into one big party that never ends.

Food? We have it. Music? Someone in the house is always singing. Fights? You bet those happen daily. Long story short, our house is full of energy and craziness that never really ends regardless of how much you want a night of quiet relaxation.

2. Sometimes, you have to get the big guns out and break up the nasty sibling fights.

In a family this big, you have to be able to hold your own because sibling fights can get pretty nasty. I was never very good at this, but I did have a big mouth aka "tattletale." My siblings didn't like it very much.

3. Sharing everything can be both a curse and a blessing.

When you live in a big family, you never have anything that is your own. You literally share everything from your bedroom, to clothes, to food, and sometimes even a bed (yes, I had to share a bed with my sister at one time; no, I did not particularly enjoy it). All of this "sharing" may sound pretty terrible, but there is a plus side. Like when one of your siblings gets something new, such as clothes, guess who is the first to wear it? Yup, this girl.

4. We do some dumb stuff, but find it pretty hilarious.

"Sorry mom."

5. You always have someone you can talk to or hang out with.

To be honest, people-watching in the mall is one of my favorite things to do with my siblings, or jamming out in the car, or shopping trips, or movie theatre dates, or really, anything is more fun when you're with your siblings. Plus an added bonus, when you're mad at one sibling, you always have someone else to hang out with and vent to, it's great.

6. You are your siblings' role model, they look up to you.

My siblings ask for my advice (if they don't I usually tell them my opinion anyways), and it is one of the greatest feelings you can have being the oldest sibling--knowing that they trust you, look up to you, and value your opinion makes my heart melt.

7. No matter how many times we fight or don't get along, unconditional love for one another is a bond we will always share.

At the end of the day, my family is the most important thing in my life and my siblings are my favorite people on this planet.

So here's to my six younger siblings, keep being awesome. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you guys.

Lots of love,

Your big sis.