If you are blessed like I am and eat your Thanksgiving meal at a table of 20, you know the following things to be true:

1. The kids table.

As a kid, this was the place to be. Nothing was better than laughing and cracking jokes with your siblings and cousins. As you got older, you couldn't wait to sit with the grown-ups.

2. It takes forever for the food to get passed around.

Of course the mashed potatoes are on the opposite side of the table.

3. Your grandma makes you try her new recipes.

And they're always delicious.

4. The dinner table is the length of the entire house.

We are packed!

5. There are a million different conversations going on.

And you have no idea which one to chime in on.

6. Insane amounts of food.

The amount of food on the table could probably feed an entire army.

7. That one awkward conversation.

It's always that one family member who asks you a question that you are dreading to answer.

8. Did I say food?

You eat way more than seconds or thirds...

9. Feeling thankful.

As big as your family is, you are thankful for each and every one of them. This is the time of year that you appriciate everything you have in your life, especially your huge family.