Chasing My Big City Dream

Chasing My Big City Dream

Why I want to live in a big city when I’m older, even though everyone thinks I’m crazy

Sam Trotman

I have always wanted to live in a big city. I remember disliking my home town from a young age. When I was still in elementary school I remember asking my dad if we could go on a vacation to New York City, he said not until I was older. Absolutely devastated, I continued to ask in years later, hoping to get the "yes" I had always wanted. Even an "I guess" would've satisfied me if I had gotten to go. It was June 13, 2017 I finally got to visit the place I had dreamed of going since I was much younger. New York City. I boarded an early flight out of Fort Wayne with my aunt, and later that day I landed in that magical city.

As soon as I got there I knew I wanted to someday live there. I was absolutely determined to live in this amazing place that seemed so simple in my mind. I got home and the first thing I told my family and friends was that I was moving there after college. Of course everyone doubted me because they believed it to be too big or expensive for me. But I knew that I would prove them all wrong when I ended up living there and making it big.

Going into junior year I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew where I wanted to go. A girl who loves to travel, has a big city mind, and is determined to make it. I went online and took multiple career quizzes. After every quiz I would go to google and look up my results to see what I might be interested in. I landed on Public Relations. Requires talking to people, being organized, not being afraid of cameras or interviews, making presentations, etc. Almost all companies, businesses, and corporations have a public relations specialist. I knew with this job I could live in a big city and travel often. This was it. My dream job.

I later realized that maybe, just maybe, New York would end up being a little too expensive. I started looking into other big cities. Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Detroit, and then I found Boston. I've never been but it is absolutely beautiful and fits into the size city I'd like to live in. Thats still a maybe. I guess I don't have to have my WHOLE life figured out yet, right? I mean I am just a freshman in college. I am currently studying PR with a focus in media at Ball State University, trying to get involved in things and figure out how to get involved in the community here in Muncie to help build my resume as much as possible. Who knows if I'll stick with public relations or end up switching to a more journalistic focus. Though I'm not entirely sure where I'll end up at this point, but I am determined to chase after what I've always wanted and make it in a big city.

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