Beware Of Bordeom
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Beware Of Bordeom

Consistent disinterest is not normal.

Beware Of Bordeom

I have always found that an idle mind truly is the devil’s workshop. When you have nothing to occupy your thoughts, it is all too easy to let them run wild. Our brains are a powerful tool, which can also be destructive. We can twist things that are beautiful into things that are ugly. We can morph a nice conversation into a passive aggressive message of hate. We can convince ourselves of just about anything. So I urge you, beware of boredom.

Truthfully, I have found boredom to be an ignored symptom of depression. Disinterest in everything is not normal, especially if it is a persistent state of being. Boredom can lead to irritation, frustration, and gives us the need to escape, often by taking a nap. So if you are finding yourself constantly bored, it may be time to ask a harder question, is this something more?

If the answer is yes, it is imperative that you don’t let your mind slip into this state of listlessness. It is imperative that you take action to keep your mind active and healthy because you are the only person who can save yourself from yourself. What is there to do when you feel like there is nothing you want to do?

Do not go to sleep.

Oversleeping is not good for your physical and especially mental health. On average, humans need eight hours of sleep. More than the prescribed 8 hours can lead to moods that are low or sad. However, there is more. Oversleeping has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and a higher risk of death. Not to scare you, but put simply it isn’t good to sleep too much, especially when you are using it as an escape method.

Do something productive.

One of the best combatants for feeling blue is doing something positive. That can be cleaning your home, getting the laundry done, meal prepping, going for a jog, reading, journaling, studying, or anything that makes you feel like you have checked off something on your to-do list.

Go outside.

I was listening to a TED talk about a man who visited a small village in Africa. He was studying depression in villages that don’t have access to modern medicine. However, one of the villagers said, “you know we are having problems with these western doctors.” The visitor asked, “what is wrong?” The villager returned, “Well when one of our people says they are feeling down, the doctor brings them into this tiny dark room out of the sunshine, isolated from our people, and then asks them if that is making them feel better. We had to ask them to leave the country.” Moral of the story: sunlight and socialization are good things and make people happy.

Do what has always made you happy.

If taking a walk is something you have always enjoyed then do that. If you always liked watching movies, then do that. Remember the things that have made you happy in the past and go do them. Chances are you haven’t changed all that much, so do the things that make you, you!

Everyone hits a rut. Everyone has off days, but it you have an off day every day you need to take note. You deserve to live happily. So make sure you are taking care of yourself. Make sure that you aren’t shrugging something off that is actually a big deal. Beware of boredom.

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