Tik Tok is honestly so random but I love it so much. Here are some of my favorite videos.

1. You can be the judge if this is accurate. 

2. After seeing this, I aspire to be that girl. 

3. A child does cause a lot of trouble! 

4. Never thought about it but it is true though. Why?

5. The most relatable thing you will see today. 

6. Throwback!

7. I honestly don't even know what to say...

8. I'm sorry to all the vegetarians and vegans. 

9. Don't blame me for now wanting a duck. 

10. If you don't get it then you're too old. 

11. Oh how I love cats. 

12. This mom is so confused and I love it. 

13. Who doesn't love Thanksgiving??

14. Men are trash.