The 10 Best Things About Living Alone
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Student Life

The 10 Best Things About Living Alone

no roommates = no pants

The 10 Best Things About Living Alone
The Mad Madarasi

Okay, so let's make sure we're on the same page: no pants are the best pants. Honestly.

I realized one day into my college career that I was extremely lucky to be living in a single dorm room. I have never had a roommate (besides my family), and after over two years of that same arrangement at school, it has become abundantly clear to me that I am meant to live alone at this point in my life.

I am very good at it. I invite friends over only when I have a good handle of my schoolwork. I walk around half-naked and eat queso in bed. I talk to myself a lot and my room is spotless, except all of my jeans are lying on the floor. My room smells like lavender and I try to get 8 hours of sleep each night. No need to ask anyone to adapt to my habits, no need to try to understand someone else's.

I hear my friends complain about their roommates all the time. Regardless of how close they are (maybe because of how close they are?), arguments about the stupidest things occur. Vacuuming schedules, fridge space, inviting over that one friend no one really likes... it all sounds a bit petty and I'd like to avoid that as long as I can. Because hey, I can't blame anyone for getting upset about all the arrangements that have to be made when you live in the same room with someone! Dealing with other people takes effort, and having to always be in close quarters with someone will of course get overwhelming at times.

Is it worth it? That's the debate. I personally prefer having my own space, and I think that it's very important to experience living by yourself at some point to understand what you like about yourself, what you don't, and what habits dictate how you get through an average day. I understand people who do like having a roommate for the companionship and find any sacrifices they make worthy. But let me take a moment to try to convince you that living alone is your best option with these 10 top thing that make it so great:

1. Your sleep schedule is THE sleep schedule.

Not having to share a room means more control over your own sleep schedule, which for college kids is the ultimate treat. There's no one around to tell you to turn your light off if it's keeping them awake, so you're free to stay up as late as you'd like. If you decide to take a nap or crash early, no one's fidgeting around in their own part of the room and keeping you up. You're not inconvenienced, no one else is inconvenienced... it's a win-win situation. Great sleep equals great happiness.

2. You don't need to tell anyone where you're going, with whom or for how long.

Along those same lines, your life outside of the room doesn't need to be communicated to anyone. Sometimes you'll skip a day of class or need to head out to help a friend with a project and you can just do it, without anyone asking where you're going or having to memorize your ever-changing schedule. When you live alone there's no need to scramble to text your roommate if your plans change. It's one less person involved in a situation that might be hectic.

3. You are the master of the TV...

It's okay if you want to watch Dance Moms for six hours straight, or turn on Elf in August.

4. ... and the volume is yours to control.

This control extends to your speakers. No headphones in your room! The type of television you want to watch, the type of music to which you want to listen and the noise level are completely up to you! No one will ask you to turn it down in the middle of the night or to change to lyric-less music while studying. Your room, your ears, your preferences.

5. Your sloppiness is your problem and your problem alone.

Without having another person's stuff around, how you organize your space is up to you. Eat really crumbly food without a plate. Line your walls with pictures of Beyonce and hang your hats off the side of your chair. Or, color-code your makeup products and display them without worrying about anyone displacing (or borrowing!) them. You can clean as frequently or as infrequently as you'd like, because no one's there to ask or mandate you to go out of your way to do it.

6. Your room means your rules.

A great part about living alone is being able to forego any formal or informal roommate contracts and just live your life the way your want to live it. Your design aesthetic, your no-shoes-inside ordinance, your alcohol policy are the laws of the land. Your guests are the only people with whom you'll have to enforce the rules--no need to direct someone living right with you and come across as super bossy. If you know you might be rough to live with because it;s your way or the highway sometimes, you're doing everyone a favor by removing yourself from the seeking-roommate pool. Plus, people will love all the open space you have and come visit all the time, anyway! It's like having roommates, but better because they can leave and that lack of personal connection with your space makes them more likely to respect your rules when they do spend time there.

7. You don't have to tell anyone before inviting guests over.

Nice when a friend wants to drop by last minute. Especially nice when you want to invite a 'friend' of the opposite sex over. Your dirty little secrets can stay secret ;)

8. It's a chance to practice independence.

You learn a lot about your own habits when you live alone. Maybe you're more of a morning person than you thought. Maybe you're completely hopeless in terms of caring for yourself when you're sick and need to learn better coping skills during allergy season. Or maybe you're like me and you get hungry for a fourth meal at 10 p.m. Living alone means that you are forced to be completely in tune with yourself, and that is so healthy because you're going to live with yourself for the rest of your life! Might as well try to understand the one roommate you can't avoid so you can eventually be a better roommate for someone else.

9. Having a space in which no one is judging you is refreshing.

Especially for college kids, having a personal space to take a break from interacting with other people is mandatory to stay sane, sometimes. Socializing can be hard! One of the best things about living alone is that you have a place where no one is expecting anything of you or criticizing you so you can recharge for those settings in which everyone is doing just that.

10. No one can tell you what to wear.

You will not judge yourself for never wearing pants (or a bra... or any other clothes). You are your own best roommate.

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