The Best SNL Political Sketches of This Year
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The Best SNL Political Sketches of This Year

Live from New York, ITS SATURDAY NIGHT!

The Best SNL Political Sketches of This Year

Saturday Night Live has had a long history of thriving off of political skits. From the Busch twins by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Will Ferrell’s George Bush, they have always found a way to take the crazy politics of the world and fit them into 5 minutes of stellar comedy. For sure though, this year has been particularly interesting in the political world. So, I decided to round up some of my favorites from this year that made me learn to laugh at the crazy (and sometimes scary) political musings.


This sketch is a personal favorite of mine as a lover of all things Broadway and Kate McKinnon. With a hilarious tribute to Kellyanne Conway, this sketch truly brings out Kellyanne’s real reason for being the orange man’s campaign manager. If you are a fan of musicals and parodies that may be more real than they appear to be, please watch this Chicago style musical sketch, CONWAY.


Cecily Strong’s portrayal of Melania Trump is a showstopper in the hilarious parody emulating Queen Bey herself, with her valiant posse of Tiffany Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump and Omarosa, as they sang of their woes to the tune of Beyoncé’s “Sorry”. I won’t give anything away, but SNL sure knows how to get revenge in the best way possible, after recent allegations Trump had received regarding sexual assault and treatment of women.

Hilary Actually

This may seem as a shock to some, but I have never been a true fan of Love Actually. I know, I know, begin the shunning! But even as a person who isn’t necessarily a fan of this popular movie, the sketch itself was a wonderful hat tip and a very appreciated nudge towards the electors that were planning to vote for Donald Trump. While the real world isn’t necessarily in touch with the cliché of romantic comedies, it can sure pretend to be in sketch comedy!

Voters for Trump

Agh, Saturday Night Live’s classic advertisement sketches. Every time these come on I always do a double take on whether it’s an actual commercial and you never quite know for sure when it first starts up until you see those familiar faces or in this case, a familiar and not so happy symbol. A funny take on the lives of the people that stand behind Donald Trump and what they are really about is what this sarcastic sketch delivers.

Bern Your Enthusiasm

I think it’s safe to say that we all miss Bernie Sanders. Whether you wanted him to be your grandpa or your next president, everyone appreciated the sweet man in one way or another. Almost better than Bernie Sanders himself, was Larry David’s spot on impression. Bern Your Enthusiasm was among one of my favorite sketches which peeks into the life of Sanders during his campaign trail.

Any of the Debates

The cold open debates were some of the most viral sketches this season. The best part of them? They didn’t have to do much work to depict what happened in the debates to make these funny. And who doesn’t love Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression?

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