It's only February, but it's always the right time to dive into some of the best podcasts of 2019 so far.

If you're in need of a new podcast to listen to during your commute, on a road trip or at the office, you'll appreciate this roundup of podcasts you should be listening to:

1. "Caliphate" from The New York Times

A podcast that follows Rukmini Callimachi as she investigates ISIS and the fall of Mosul.

2. "The Sista Collective"

A podcast with real talk by women of color.

3. "Personal Best" from CBC

This podcast will hilariously help you be the best you by turning small moments into grand adventures and giving you some interesting life advice.

4. "Left, Right & Center" from KCRW

Get your politics and pop culture news by listening to this podcast's civilized yet provocative discussions around current events.

5. "The Rewatchables" from The Ringer

If you have a movie that you rewatch all the time because you love it so much, this one's for you. The cast discusses movies that are their favorite re-watchables.

6. "The Gurls Talk Podcast"

Fierce female feminists, this is a must listen! Tune in for strong women discussing issues that affect many women in today's age.

7. "This Is Love"

Love is a wild thing. Dive into stories of obsession, codependency, and the crazy things that people do for and because of love.

8. "Mostly Lit"

Enjoy a millennial view about how literature, current events, pop culture, and overall wellness all converge.