I put hot sauce on EVERYTHING. Some will roast me for it and some will ask why do you put hot sauce on everything? I love basically any hot sauce on the market, but we can all agree that some hot sauces are superior to others. I've even heard that hot sauce can make you lose weight so we'll see...

Here are eight hot sauces ranked from heck yeah I love that stuff to wow I like it alright but ya know hot sauce is hot sauce. Some are better than others so here we are.

7. Cholula

Similar to Melinda's, there are so many different kinds! Also, the cap on the bottle is fun and different!

6. Melinda's 

Melinda's has SO many different flavors and they even have a mailing list on their website for special offers!!

5. Tapatio Hot Sauce

This is a big mood.

4. Tabasco sauce

TABASCO® Sauce on Instagram: “#ProTip: mix your favorite TABASCO® flavour with a jar of sea salt and you’ll have a tasty new way of seasoning your favorite meals. ///…”

I love Tabasco sauce on seafood, but honestly what do I not like hot sauce on???

1. Texas Pete

I love you, Pete!!!!! I might be a little bias because I grew up with this hot sauce because my dad loved it so it's my favorite.

LOVE you hot sauce!!