10 'Grey's Anatomy' Couples That Were Always Meant To Be

It seems like all we notice in Grey's Anatomy we seem to focus on who is leaving and who is dying, but in spite of Valentine's Day lets focus on the love that we have seen happen over the 15 seasons.

Meredith Grey & Derek Shepherd

You probably have seen this one coming but you know you followed this one religiously. You wanted to slap Derek when you found out he was still married in the beginning, were in AWE when they did the sticky note "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me", and you cried when she had to watch her husband die.

Callie & Arizona

Calzone! Callie and Arizona make each other better people … until they don't. Although they were always fighting for their marriage, they were easy to root for.

Miranda Bailey & Ben Warren

Yes, they've had some downs — Bailey's OCD, Ben's impromptu fatal C-section, all the Church, and State stuff, Ben's decision to become a firefighter — but they always bounce back. Being one of the longest married couples on the show, we have seen a lot happen. We have seen them take a break and were sad about it but then we were there when Miranda had a heart attack and how Ben never left her side.

Owen Hunt & Amelia Shepherd

I love this couple, even though it's not a fan favorite. They are two people who keep running from pain, which helps them find each other. There's nothing emotionally moving about watching a couple who make each other miserable the entire time they are together.

Andrew DeLuca & Sam Bello

They have a destructive history and they are currently repeating that pattern. They spend their time having sex, not sleeping, and seducing each other.

Christina Yang & Surgery

The purest love depicted on this show.

Alex Kerev & Jo Wilson

Alex and Jo are important. We've watched Alex suffer for a very long time, and if this is how he gets a happy ending, so be it. Also, one time they made out against a barn and it was steamy.

Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey

Timing is always, tragically, off — to the very end. Lexie is so overwhelmed with her feelings that she lays a big romantic speech on Mark about how she can't sleep, she can't eat, she can't breathe. Mark is in her. Days later, Lexie dies in the woods and Mark follows not long after. Here's hoping these two soul mates made it work in the next life.

Jackson Avery & April Kepner

#Japril! Their hookup in the bathroom during their oral boards brought steam to season 8. It also doesn't get much swoon-ier than Jackson standing up and professing his love for April at her wedding. "Say it loud and go from there!" They were broken people after the tragic loss of their son Samuel but found the strength to continue.

Meredith Grey & Finn Dandridge

McVet! McVet is very handsome. But McVet is only an obstacle. McVet is a plot device to prolong the inevitable reunion of Meredith and Derek. McVet is very dreamy but he isn't McDreamy, you know?

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