A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 10 Most Annoying 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters
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A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 10 Most Annoying 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters

From least annoying to most annoying.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 10 Most Annoying 'Grey's Anatomy' Characters

Grey's Anatomy– Shonda Rhimes' life-ruining, tear-jerking medical drama– has been gracing TV screens across the world since the early 2000s. And in 13 seasons, we've seen some of our favorite characters come and go and gotten to know the doctors and patients at Seattle Grace/ Seattle Grace-Mercy West/ Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital pretty well. And truthfully, some of them are really annoying. Here's a definitive ranking of the top ten most annoying Grey's Anatomy characters, from least annoying to most. Spoilers ahead!

10. Penelope Blake

I'm not mad that she was on the team that killed Derek, but knowing he needed an MRI and not pushing for it is what really gets me.

9. Derek Shepherd

I love Derek Shepherd just as much as the next girl, but that doesn't mean I can overlook certain things. Like how he cheated on not one, but TWO of his wives. And how he turns on people who love him when he gets upset. And how he hit Meredith's ring into the woods.

8. Nurse Eli

He couldn't deal with Dr. Bailey being a strong and powerful woman, which made his storyline one massive eye roll. Thankfully, Shonda didn't make him stick around for too long.

7. April Kepner

It's not Jackson's fault that you failed your boards. You're a consenting adult! Also, we can't blame him for being hurt that you went overseas and refused to come home when he needed you. Own your problems, girl.

6. Maggie Pierce

No one likes a know it all, even if they are an awesome surgeon. It's hard to feel sympathy for a grown woman melting down over an unreciprocated crush. And pushing everyone away who loved her and was trying to support her during her mother's treatment? Not a good look. Also a whiner, which makes sense seeing as she shares genes with Meredith.

5. Reed Adamson

She put her things in George's cubby! Right after he died. And she wasn't even sorry. And she ruined relationships and manipulated people and stole cases. But the cubby!!

4. Preston Burke

He's incredibly overbearing and spent his entire relationship with Cristina trying to make her into the woman he wanted her to be. Leaving her at the altar after his mother took her eyebrows was the final straw.

3. Meredith Grey

The show's number one whiner only sits at number three because of all the crap she's been through. She's been through a lot and her character has certainly developed over the last decade. But she's still a whiner and a crier when things don't go her way. We get it, you're dark and twisty. She first hit my radar when she slept with George only to make herself feel better, breaking his heart in the process. And she stayed there when she pulled Derek off life support without letting his sisters know and then disappeared for a year. If she owned her mistakes she would certainly drop a few spots, and if she stopped making everything about herself she might even work her way off the list entirely. Actually, never mind. Taking Derek's tumor drawing out of her bedroom locked her into top-five for life.

2. Arizona Robbins

Another cheater! Holding Callie personally responsible for the leg amputation was drawn out way too long, not to mention beyond frustrating that she couldn't understand that Callie did it to save her life. Also, she's a grade-A whiner and I'm still annoyed that she didn't make the effort to get to know Mark until the very end, even though he was her wife's best friend.

1. Amelia Shepherd/Hunt/Is she even recognizing the marriage at this point?

Though not a blood-relative to the show's big whiners Maggie and Meredith, she's married into the sisterhood and seems to be making up for lost time with the way she whines, manipulates, and sabotages relationships. Once again, another character who has been through the wringer a few times, so a few of her character flaws are understandable. But icing Owen out and throwing Cristina in his face is just 50 shades of uncool. And actively trying to avoid Owen at work by asking her colleagues to check the hallways for him? Come on.

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