7 Glossier Products That Are Perfect For Beginners
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7 Glossier Products That Will Change The Way You Look At Skin Care

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7 Glossier Products That Will Change The Way You Look At Skin Care

Glossier, a make-up and skincare company, was launched in 2014 with a campaign of keeping it natural and glowy. Many believe that the brand is "too natural" and "barely noticeable," but for some—like me—it is perfect.

Most of the make-up I use daily for class and work is from glossier because of its lightness; it doesn't feel like I'm wearing five layers of make-up. It feels good, and Glossier makes me look good. Plus, their skincare products have shown great results on my skin, so I personally adore Glossier.

These are my go-to Glossier products.

1. Solution: Exfoliating Skin Perfector

After a long day of school and work, I would come home and use micellar water to remove my make-up. I used two cotton rounds and would completely swipe all around my face, confident that all the residue would be erased. However, when Glossier released their exfoliating skin perfector, I had to try it, so I used it after my daily micellar water routine. I was shocked that there was still some remnants of makeup on my face, despite the fact that I thought it was fully clean.

The Glossier solution really helped eliminate all the dirty remainders on my face, while clearing acne and blackheads and reducing redness. That's because it includes three different types of acid: salicylic acid, which "reduces acne and unclogs pores by breaking oil bonds attaching dead cells to skin," glycolic acid, which "breaks water bonds attaching dead cells to skin, improving tone and texture," and lactic acid, which "reduces the appearance of dark spots" (Glossier). My skin has truly felt smoother and softer ever since I started using this product; it's definitely worth the $24.

2. Invisible Shield: Daily Sunscreen +

I never thought sunscreen would be part of my daily makeup routine until one day, I decided to try Glossier's. Although many of us don't often think about the sun damaging our skin right now, it is possible, and this product offers a clear and light solution to this issue. Every time I put it on, it smells like Summer, it sinks right into my skin so I can put on makeup afterward without it feeling sticky, and I can truly feel protected whenever I go outside.

3. Balm Dotcom: Universal Skin Salve

I'm a big fan of all types of lip balms, so I have tried many different brands and the Balm Dotcom definitely is one of my favorites. Glossier offers six different flavors (Original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint, and Coconut), and they all smell amazing and feel extremely moisturizing on my lips. Pro Tip: Since it's a "universal skin salve," you can really use it anywhere for dry and flaky skin.

4. Boy Brow: Grooming Promade

Can we all agree that our eyebrows are the most important part of our face? This product is a lifesaver for those with thick and bushy eyebrows that don't really need to be completely filled in. Boy Brow is creamy, so it doesn't flake and become stiff. It comes in four shades: Blond, Brown, and Black, which have a light tint, and Clear, which just holds down your bothersome hairs.

5. Perfecting Skin Tint: Skin Enhancer

Glossier is all about that "natural look" and their perfecting skin tint seems to be the epitome of that motto. The breathable, ultra-thin formula evens out any redness and discoloration and leaves my face looking smooth and dewy. It's great for when there are only five minutes left till class since I can just gently squeeze the skin tint onto the tips of my fingers and dab it rapidly all over my face. The only limiting factor about this product is that it does only come in five shades.

6. Lash Slick: Film Form Mascara

The Lash Slick is a perfect everyday mascara that curls your eyelashes as you apply it onto your eyelashes. While it's water-resistant, it washes off easy and doesn't smudge. The brush doesn't create clumps, too which is an added plus.

7. Stretch Concealer: Flexible Coverage

This light-coverage concealer is perfect for light blemishes and dark circles. It's not stiff, dry, or flaky; it moves with your face and leaves you with a glowing finish. Plus, you don't even need a beauty blender; you can easily use your fingertips to gently pat the concealer onto your skin. Like the perfecting skin tint though, this product also only comes in five shades.

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