To My Best Friends After Our Freshman Year Of College
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To My Best Friends After Our Freshman Year Of College

13 years together to 1,300 miles apart.

To My Best Friends After Our Freshman Year Of College
Ivy Chace

I was the first of my three best friends to leave for college. That day was preceded by so many nights spent whispering and wondering about what our future would bring and where it would bring us. What would we grow up to be? Where would we go to college? We constantly called and listened to each other on the phone giggle over our secrets, cry or talk about nothing. Between the dog-themed birthday parties and matching costume trick-or-treating, the years grew and kept growing until we realized that we were growing with them. Our plans changed and our tastes in music and clothing went through phases, but we loved each other so innocently and without judgement. Now, as we stand on the edge of our first year of college, I want my best friends to think about time.

When we met, time had no meaning. We probably thought we’d be in first grade forever until suddenly we were graduating from fifth grade and high school the next day. We had no fears of failing, falling or forgetting our dorm room keys. Now, we watch hours roll by in libraries separated by states and more miles than I would like to admit. We spend days balancing eating with sleeping with one million more miscellaneous responsibilities. After our first year of college, I know we have all learned through juggling different acts across the country how time is constantly finding a way to surprise us. That ten page paper is due tomorrow? We’ve been away from each other for six months? Freshman year is weeks from being over?

Best friends, don’t let time consume you. Take advantage of it. Find space for yourself, realize your growth and set your goals like we used to do together. Watch "The Last Song" and "The Notebook" and sob, dance like you do to our favorite songs and eat two bowls of ice cream without a care. Let your peers see the realness, kindness, and acceptance that I love most about the both of you, and take risks. Time can hold us back with stress, or it can hold possibility in the future, but it will always hold us together. When we are old and wondering where our glasses got to and what that kid’s name was that broke our heart in college, I want to look over at my best friends and see wrinkles from smiling too much. I want them to have sun spots from exploring the world and too many stories to count. Time will never change our memories or our love for our friendship.

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