An Open Letter To My Best Friend
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An Open Letter To My Best Friend

A long-awaited thank you and apology

An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear best friend,

there's more than one of you, but each of you mean the world to me. I know I don't thank you enough for what you do for me, so this is for you. Thanks for:

1. Always being there.

No matter what time of the day (or night), you're always there to listen to my gossip or my problems when I'm fighting with someone or if I'm just bored and want to leave wherever I am. You always calm me down, or, in some instances, hype me up to do something somewhat stupid but it's usually a good story in the end.

2. Doing 'hood rat' stuff with me.

Whenever we're together, we always find the dumbest, most entertaining things to do. Other people probably look at us and wonder what's wrong with us but we're usually having the time of our lives, even on that 10 minute trip to Broadway to get slushies in your mom's car or when we missed the light turning green because we were jamming out to some random song in the car.

3. Sticking it out through the ugly middle school stage.

This doesn't need much explanation but you were there through the inch thick eyeliner and blue eyeshadow along with the horrible choice in boys and even worse choice in clothes and accessories. We always managed to somehow switch around clothes with each other because you always had the cuter clothes.

Throughout the years, there were things I let you do that I shouldn't have and that I should probably apologize for now, since we're so far away. Best friend, I'm sorry for:

1. Not telling you that you looked orange.

I'm sorry I never told you that your tanning lotion was a bad choice. I thought it looked good at the time but now that I see photos, just no. In my defense, you let my blue hair go, so we're even.

2. Letting you get upset over a boy who doesn't matter.

I'm sorry I let you stress about a boy who doesn't matter. He wasn't good enough and won't ever be, so don't count on him to come back. I'm sorry that boy didn't realize how amazing of a person you are and doesn't see you the way me and your family see you.

3. Always posting ugly pictures of you.

I'm not actually sorry for this one but I thought I should at least try and make an effort to halfway apologize but hey, you always look great. No picture is a bad picture, some are just not as flattering as others.

The amount of time you've been friends with someone doesn't determine how close you are. No matter how many fights you've gotten in or how many boys you've cried over, your best friend is the person who came and next left. So, to every best I have, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and not leaving me at my lowest lows and highest highs. I love you!!

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