Get A BestFriend Just Like Mine, But You Can't Have Mine
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Get A BestFriend Just Like Mine, But You Can't Have Mine

You never gave up on me and I will never give up on you.

Get A BestFriend Just Like Mine, But You Can't Have Mine
Taylor Noel Smith

Since we were little, we started making friends. We would call whoever we had as a close friend our "best friend". Then as we grew up, the meaning of a "best friend" changed debating on who you are.

Friendships would form instantly due to anything. It could range from having the same favorite food or even sharing the same dislike of a person. Some friendships can last forever and others just if you want/need them around.

I have had different types of friendships, ranging from people I only talk to about certain things and others I could tell anything. I have also lost friendships due to some shitty reasons. But all these friendships helped shape me into the person I am today.

The reason for this letter I guess you could call it is to thank my college best friend for never giving up on me. I have been through a lot with my other friends, but you have seen me at my worst way more in the past two years than a lot of people have.

This is not to throw shade at any of my other friends because they do mean so much to me. I have told them so many times how much I appreciate them to where I sound like a broken record. I have sent them paragraphs on paragraphs on how I would be different if they never came into my life.

This is to say that even when times get tough and when I tried (not on purpose) to push you away, you took it upon yourself to stay and work through these times with me. You never once left me in the dark to where I felt alone. You understand that I need my space and time when it comes to certain things.

You have never once made me feel like I had no one to go to when I needed to talk. You do not sugarcoat things because you know that I need to hear the truth. Even when I am hurting and all I want to do is cry, you try your damn best to put a smile on my face.

We met on a Facebook page for our college and then actually met in person at our freshmen orientation. As soon as I met you, I thought to myself that you would be a bomb person to be friends with. Ever since then, we have been a dynamic duo.

We have been through so much together in just two years. From heartbreaks, little fender benders, road trips, Cook-Out dates, Zaxby's dates, Target trips, sorority recruitment, being RAs together and so much more, our friendship has only gotten stronger. We have so many memories and inside jokes that people would think we were crazy if they understood.

Now we are living together (somewhat) here this summer. A lot of people have the friendship goal to take on a summer with their best friend but look at us because we are doing that. I cannot wait to see where this summer takes us, all the memories we will make, and how our friendship will grow.

I thank that Facebook group so much for giving me such an amazing best friend. I know it sounds cliché, but I really do not know where I would be or who I would be without you. My family accepts you like their own and would do anything for you if needed.

There is no one else I would want to have by my side on this journey through life. You are the best friend that I would want by my side on my wedding day, you know if I ever get married. Thank you for being my best friend and never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself.

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