First things first, guys and girls can be just friends regardless of what anyone else thinks. As long as the two of you are on the same page, 'just friends' is a legit statement. And besides that point, every girl needs a guy best friend. I love my girl friends, but girls just aren't the same when it comes to some things. I am so thankful for my guys that have always got me through, they are truly some of the best people in my life. So here are just seven of the reasons I believe every girl needs at least one guy best friend in her life.

1. A guy bff is never going to lie to you

He's going to tell you if he thinks the guy you're crushing on isn't right for you and exactly why or maybe that you just need to slow it down a little. He'll also be brutally honest about that outfit you're about to wear out on a Saturday night, which is something most girls have a hard time breaking to you because they understand the hustle of trying to put together an outfit.

2. He’s going to be the best wing man you’ve ever had

It's a perfect plan, you send him in with the guys to talk you up and before you know it you got options. And because of the 'just friends' thing, no one ever gets hurt.

3. Perfect pretend boy friend

You can always pretend that he's your boyfriend when there's a guy you're not interested in hitting on you. Just grab his hand and don't leave his side and make it somewhat believable.

4. He will always protect you

He will get almost like a big brother protective instinct for you. If anyone ever hurts you, he's got your back and he'll be there to pick up the pieces when it's all over.

5. No drama

Seriously, I'm not kidding. You won't have to deal with any sort of petty ever.

6. You'll become an insider to the boy world

This is both a blessing and a curse honestly. You might find out exactly what a guy is looking for in a girl, but it also comes at the cost of knowing too much about your friend Stacy's last Friday night. Basically, this power will either help build your trust for men or completely destroy it. You'll also learn things like what the coolest video game is at the given time or where to go fishing at what time of year. You know, the kind of valuable information you wouldn't be able to live without.

7. Maybe he'll be exactly who you're looking for

IF and I say if with emphasis because if for the off chance that you two do fall for each other, well then it might just be perfect. You will already know everything about each other, so there's not one of those catch-up conversations on how many siblings you have or where you grew up. There will never be that awkward first date because you are already so comfortable around each other. Because the two of you are already so connected, I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be easy to fall for them.