5 Best Expensive Purchases I Made In College
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5 Splurge-Buys I Made In College That Were Worth It

Not all big purchases are regrettable!

5 Splurge-Buys I Made In College That Were Worth It

Last week I wrote about 5 purchases I made in college (so far) that I regretted, so I thought this week I'd talk about 5 big-ticket things I bought that were worth the money.

1. A FitBit

There's something about tracking your fitness that makes you want to do better. Eventually, the FitBit fell off my arm (about 2 years after I bought it) and I didn't notice until it was too late, and the motivation to get my steps in every day went down significantly knowing they weren't being tracked. I finally got a new one for Christmas this past year and the accountability really does help.

2. Last-minute plane tickets

Last minute plane tickets can be expensive, but you won't remember the weekends you stayed home and didn't get to see your friends before they left the state/country for extended periods of time. If you can afford to go for it, go for it!

3. Concert tickets


The way I purchased my Lorde tickets was definitely regrettable seeing as I didn't realize I was buying from a third-party website and could have had two floor tickets for less than what I paid for one not-so-great ticket, but that concert cleared my skin, watered my crops, and renewed my will to live. If your fave is performing and you can afford it, go see them.

4. Gifts for friends & family

Buying things for yourself is great, but have you ever seen the look on your best friend's face when she sees the elaborate photo collage board you made her? Have you ever felt how tightly your friend will hug you when she sees the designer perfume she wanted 'in an AU where I could afford it' in that gift bag? How do you even explain the feeling of ordering your mother the discontinued collectible doll outfit she's dreamed of having for ten years but couldn't afford to pay that much for on eBay? Or honestly, just not having to message another family member to ask to borrow/have money to buy even a small gift for someone.

5. Novelty clothes/accessories

Okay, so my Doge hat wasn't exactly a "big ticket" purchase, but I'm using it as an example. If you have the money to do so, buy that ugly, ridiculous, will-be-a-dead-meme-in-2-weeks, obnoxious novelty item and wear it with pride. I still shamelessly wear this hat five years after I bought it.

What are your favorite purchases you've made?

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