TJ Maxx is one of those places that sucks you in, especially for us college girls who are constantly looking for new outfits and dorm decor.

I know I always go in thinking I'll do a quick look through and next thing you know I'm looking for a cart because my arms are full.

You know you're guilty of this too so let us laugh through all the painfully true thoughts we all have while we walk through the aisles (and spend our whole paychecks in the process) of the best store the world has to offer.

1. "I can never have enough mugs"

Valid point.

2. "$12.99??? Originally $64??? How could I NOT???"" 

What a steal.

3. I NEED this stuff

Three sweaters, five candles, four pairs of fuzzy socks AND a new bathrobe. Yea. Sure you do.

4. "Everything's on sale so really I'm saving money" 

Are you though?

5. "So many candles. I can't just get one" 

They all smell sooooo gooooddd, clearly we need 10.

6. "How is this bra only $3.99?? I'm buying 5."

Probably could have gotten away with just one.

7. "Oooo face masks" 

Why not?

8. "This painting will look great on my dorm wall"

Yea but what are you going to do with it after graduation???

9. "I should have brought my mom to stop me"

Nothing can save me now.

10. "This sweater was originally $200 but now it's $50 so it's worth it right?"

No. Probably not.

11. "This brand-name makeup is weirdly cheap" *throws in cart anyway*

Worth a try.

12. "Where can I put this pillow?" 

You can figure that out later.

13. "You can never have too many blankets" 


14. "This toddler outfit is waaayyy too cute, who has a baby I can buy this for?" 

Put it back.

15. "A girl can never have too many notebooks/stationary sets"

Yes. Yes she can.

16. "How did this happen?"

You tell me.

17. "I should have gotten a cart"

Bad move.

18. "This box of chocolate says it's GOURMET. I'm so fancy. " 

*eye roll*

19. "All of this can't be more than like $50 right?" 

Can you even do math?

20. "I'll just put one thing back"

Like that makes a difference.

21. "I don't even want to check my bank account after this"

It's fine. We're fine. Everything's fine.

22. "Why does this always happen??" 


Happy shopping everyone! May you find all the good deals and only hate yourself a tiny bit after you check out.