A Community Of Dutch Bro Addicts Decide The Best Drinks Offered
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A Community Of Dutch Bro Addicts Decide The Best Drinks Offered

What's your favorite Dutch Bros drink?

A Community Of Dutch Bro Addicts Decide The Best Drinks Offered

Until moving to Arizona for college "Dutch Bros" was just another thing I knew existed, but had never had it. (I'm from SoCal and Texas, we have In N Out and Whataburger ). Let me tell you, I honestly fell in love at first taste! Truly there is something there for everyone, coffee, caffeine, no caffeine, cold, hot, small, large, the whole thing. To say I was shocked by the number of drinks they had is an understatement. However, after posting it on Snapchat and talking to friends I realized how many people (more so college students) spend a ton of money on Dutch Bros.

After asking around 25 people how much they spent on Dutch Bros a week I concluded that most people I know spend anywhere from $0 to $60 a week on Dutch Bros!! I don't know about you, but I don't have $60 to spend on drinks.

I then went on to ask these people how many times a week they went to Dutch Bros. As you can expect, some said none because they didn't like it or didn't have the money (ME TOO!!) and some said daily. It got me thinking about how Dutch Bros market themselves, and why some flavors were more popular than others.

Like every other drink place, Dutch Bros has the "best", the "good", the "okay", and the "Don't Get!" drinks. I went around my school and community asking both friends and strangers what the best Dutch Bros drink there is. As you can imagine there was a long list, but here are the top 30 drinks at Dutch Bros, from the feedback I got.

However before I throw you to the wolves, some of you may not know the difference from a coffee and a slushie when it comes to Dutch Bros terminology, I sure didn't. Not to fear Tori is here. Here are some "definitions" that I hope helps you understand more of what you are getting yourself into.

Americano (diluted coffee with hot water)

Breve [an American variation of a latte: a milk-based espresso drink using steamed half-and-half mixture of milk and cream instead of milk (Coffee Wiki)]

Chai (expresso mixed with chai tea)

Cold Brew (straight coffee, expresso with hot water)

Freeze (a blend of expresso, milk, and sugar)

Frost (a frappuccino kind of consistency, more watery than a smoothie but thicker than a mocha)

Hot Coco


Latte ( a malt infused with coffee, tea, lemonade or Dutch cream and alcohol)


Mocha ( a chocolate-based flavored latte)

Rebel (Dutch Bros energy)


Soda (are Italian sodas)


All of these words were very new to me when I went to Dutch Bros for the first time. Every one of these drinks comes in many flavors and many kinds. Their menu is overwhelming, but I have settled it, the top 30 Dutch Bros Drinks right here, right now. Hope you enjoy them!

-Cake Batter

-Quamberry Blast

-Pink Flamingo

-Strawberry Peach Lemonade

-Palm Beach Rebel

-Palm Tree Soda/Tea/Rebel

-Golden Eagle

-Majestic Forest

-Red Raspberry Almond Rebel

-Orange, Peach, Mango Rebel

-Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea

-Vampire Rebel

Frozen Hot Coco

-White Chocolate

-Horchata Chai

-Peach Raspberry Rebel

-Peach Raspberry Iced Green Tea

-Blended Snickers

-Orange Passion Fruit Pomegranate Rebel

-Raspberry Coconut Black Iced Tea with Cream

-Sex on the Beach Rebel

-Peach Mango Iced Green Tea

-Grapefruit and Honey Green Tea w Honey Drizzle

-Hot Cocomo

-Shark Attack

-Tropical Rebel

-Billie Jean

-Blue Red Raspberry Rebel Blended


-Jelly Donut

Even though there are so many on the list, this list doesn't even cover a portion of what Dutch Bros has to offer! There are so many different flavors and kinds of drinks you can always try a new one! I hope this helps when you're next in line and have no idea what to order at Dutch Bros!

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