Thinking about college and your future plans can be frightening. I know before I came to Mizzou I was really scared. What was I supposed to expect? How different would things be? Would I like it here? Despite all the nerves that I was feeling, there was still this anticipation inside me, and an overwhelming feeling of excitement to start something new.

There were a lot of things I was uncertain about before arriving at Mizzou. Wanting to be in a sorority and get involved on my campus was not one of those things though. I wanted to go through formal recruitment at Mizzou and join a Panhellenic chapter. Growing up, I was constantly involved. I was a cheerleader throughout almost all my childhood, as well as in high school. I participated in executive councils, national honor society, young life, other clubs, and did community service all while still continuing to do really well in school. I wanted to carry on these habits in college and get the best experience I could during these four years.

I started off college right away getting involved by going through formal recruitment and accepting a bid from a sorority chapter. Rush was an intense and very long week, but I loved it! It was a hard process meeting with all these chapters, putting on my best attitude every morning even after really long days, and not showing that I was nervous. When I was down to my top two houses, I remember being anxious not knowing which one I would get. I only hoped I would get the best house for me and my personality, and that everything would work out the way it was supposed to. Throughout the week, everyone kept emphasizing the phrase "trust the process." I didn't know what that meant until after I accepted a bid from Alpha Phi.

Looking back on my experience with rush, I realize how thankful I am that I decided to join a sorority. After less than a year, I can say that I've met so many amazing people. I've met girls my age who I can honestly say are my best friends and older girls who have inspired me to become the best version of myself. I love being involved in my sorority and having a purpose on campus. As a freshman, I already have appointed positions in my house, and I'm able to contribute my ideas to the chapter.

I'm constantly busy and my schedule is always packed! Whether it be a sorority event, work, clubs, community service, classes, homework, or just hanging out with friends I always have something to do. Being involved at Mizzou was the best decision I ever made though. Being in my sorority and having campus involvement has made me feel like I have a purpose here. I feel connected to the people on this campus. At a big college like Mizzou, it can be hard to feel connected when there are so many people you don't know. For me, being in organizations like my sorority make the campus feel smaller and less overwhelming. It's helped me call this place my home.

A sorority might not be the right decision for you, but I can say without a doubt there are so many options in college. Being involved is so important! Here at Mizzou, there are over five hundred organizations to join. You can join clubs that involve your major, religious groups, rec sports teams, music groups, and so much more. Being involved allows you to do better in school and raises your overall happiness level. There is something for you out there and I can't express how important it is to find that club or that organization that matters to you.